Pokemon Sword & Shield: How To Evolve Yamask Into Runerigus | Rare Evolution Guide

Runerigus is one of the weirdest evolutions in Pokemon Sword & Shield — to evolve into his all-new Galarian Form, you’ll need to follow very specific instructions. It isn’t about gaining levels, using Evolution Stones, or trading. This is about damage, and walking under a specific rock in the Wilds. It’s amazing anyone figured this out on their own.

It’s also a lot trickier than it sounds. I’ll explain — to evolve Yamask into the new Runerigus form, you’ll need to take 49 point of damage from a single hit. That isn’t easy, especially if you want to level up Yamask at a reasonable level. I leveled Yamask up around Lvl. 30, and there is a way to make this way easier.

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How To Evolve Yamask Into Runerigus | Rare Evolution Guide

Before you can evolve Yamask into Runerigus, you’ll need to find a Yamask. I found Yamask as a Max Raid Battle, but you can also found the Galarian Yamask on Route 6. You can also trade for a Unovan Yamask in Ballonlea — but you won’t be able to evolve that one with this method.

Once you have Yamask, to evolve him you need to take 49 HP of damage. 49+ HP off your maximum HP is all you need. It’s bizarre, but that’s how it works. Don’t heal!

Take Yamask (with 49 or more HP taken off) to the Dusty Bowl in the Wilds. The tricky part is, Yamask needs to take 49+ HP of damage in a single hit. Make sure to bring a high-level Yamask!

  • NOTE: The easiest way to take 49+ damage in a single hit is to fight a high-level enemy in the Wilds with Yamask — equip Yamask with the Focus Sash held item. This item allows any Pokemon holding it to survive a fatal attack with 1 HP. Find a Focus Sash in Hammerlocke.

Save your game if you take 49+ points of damage in a single attack, then run to the Dusty Bowl. Find the massive stone structure — it’s the stonehenge-like giant flat stone. When you walk under it with Yamask in your party, Yamask will immediatel evolve. Make sure to walk all the way through the arch!

Runerigus is a huge, spooky stone possessed by a ghost. It’s a Ground / Ghost type with high Defense, Special Defense, and HP. It’s an extremely rare Pokemon, and one of the weirdest evolution methods in the series. It’s a fun challenge just trying to add this guy to your Pokedex.