Pokémon Sword & Shield: How To Crush Battle Tower & Unlock Max Rank | Solos & Doubles Guide

Battle Tower is the returning arena where you can test your skills in Pokémon Sword & Shield. After completing the main story, the Battle Tower will unlock — and it is the ultimate challenge for most players. The Battle Tower can help you unlock unique rewards and a special currency called BP that’s extra valuable. And this time around, it’s possible to crush the Solo and Double battle circuit without even using your normal team.

Here, I’m going to reveal the simple secret to conquering Battle Tower. All you need are Rental Teams — teams you can borrow for your battles, so you don’t have to worry about leveling up or earning XP. Your main team won’t take part, but you can earn plenty of Rare Candy. Use that Rare Candy to level up your faves, and let the Rental Team do all the fighting for you. Then you can reap all the rewards with minimal effort.

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How To Crush Battle Tower & Unlock Max Rank | Solos & Doubles Guide

Battle Tower is located in Wyndon, and unlocks after completing the main story. Instead of battling until you lose, you’ll be able to rank up to different tiers in multiple battle circuits. Here, we’re going to focus on Solo (1v1) and Double (2v2) battle circuits.

There are 11 Ranks, and for completing each rank you’ll get Rare Candy and other rewards. For winning consecutively at Max Rank, you can continue to earn extremely valuable items like Bottle Caps (30 Wins), Gold Bottle Caps (50 Wins), and more.

How To Win With Rental Teams

To make winning a lot easier, ditch your normal Pokémon team and just use Rental Teams. Talk to the NPC Vendor on the right side to select a Rental Team to take into battle.

  • How To Win [1v1]:
    • Select Skill Team.
    • Falinks and Gyarados are the best Pokémon for this. They’re both extremely powerful and tough.
  • How To Win [2v2]:
    • Select Rain Team.
    • Pelipper and Barraskewda can clear out this circuit when working together.

You’ll need to earn 33 consecutive wins for each mode to unlock Max Rank. It’ll take awhile, but using these particular teams makes these challenges a breeze. You’ll still need to use items and work with the Pokémon you have to win, but these rental teams can take care of anything.