Pokémon Sword & Shield: All Fairy Gym Quiz Answers | Trick Questions Guide

The Fairy Gym in Ballonlea is one of the most nefarious in Pokémon Sword & Shield — instead of completing a little challenge, you’ll have to answer questions or get a nasty stat penalty. The more questions you get wrong, the worse your Pokémon stats will become while trying to complete the gym.

Below, we’ve got all the answers to each question. They’re always the same, so if you follow our guide, you’ll ace the test and avoid annoying negative state effects.

Seeing as this is the Fairy Gym, I recommend grabbing a Pokémon like Corviknight. Corviknight evolves from Corvisquire and Rookidee — both very common Pokémon. You can find Rookidee in Route 1, 2 and 3! His Steel moves can absolutely slam Fairy type Pokémon, so he’s one of my easy recommendations to make this gym a breeze.

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All Fairy Gym Quiz Answers | Trick Questions Guide

During the Fairy Gym mission in Ballonlea, you’ll be asked questions as you battle. If you get a questions wrong, you’ll get hit with a stat penalty. The more questions you get wrong, the worse the penalty becomes.

Here are the answers to each question — some of them are trick questions, so you’ll want to keep this guide open, even if you think you know the correct answer.

Pokémon Battle Questions

There questions will appear as you battle Gym Trainers in the ‘interview’ mission.

Q: Do You Know About Fairy Type’s Weaknesses?
A: Poison -OR- Steel

Q: What was the previous trainer’s name?
A: Annette

Q: What do I eat for breakfast every morning?
A: Omelettes

Gym Leader Battle Questions

These three questions appear during the final Fairy Gym Leader battle against Ms. Opal.

Q: You… Do you know my nickname?
A: The wizard

Q: What is my favorite color?
A: Purple

Q: All righty then… How old am I?
A: 16 years

Get all the questions right, and you’ll breeze through the Fairy Gym in no time.