Pokémon Sword & Shield: How To Get More Camp Toys | Curry Dex Guide

With the cozy camping feature in Pokémon Sword & Shield, you’ll be able to boost your friendship with your Pokémon by playing with them. While they’ll play around by themselves, you can also use two toys to amuse them — a wand and a Pokeball to play fetch.

If you haven’t been exploring every feature in the camp, you might not realize there are actually more camp toys to unlock. By cooking different curries and completing your Curry Dex, you’ll unlock more toys to keep your Pokémon happy. These toys don’t really improve your camp in any way, but they’re bright and colorful — isn’t that all that matters?

Let’s go over the quick list of additional toys. It’s important to know that playing with Pokémon doesn’t just permanent increase their friendliness to you, it also give them a little XP boost. It all depends on how much you talk (and play) with your poke-pals.

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How To Unlock Optional Camp Toys

To camp, press [X] and select Pokémon Camp. You can setup camp anywhere outside. In the camp, you can play with your Pokémon then cook up some curry. Playing increases your Pokémon friendliness, while cooking heals and gives an XP reward depending on the complexity of the dish.

By cooking different types of Curry and filling your Curry Dex, you can unlock additional toys to play with at the camp. There are 8 toys total2 toys you start with, and 6 additional toys you can unlock.

  • Poke Toy: Starting Toy
  • Poke Ball: Starting Toy
  • Fresh Ball: 5 Curry Dex Entries
  • Weighted Ball: 10 Curry Dex Entries
  • Soothe Ball: 30 Curry Dex Entries
  • Mirror Ball: 60~ Curry Dex Entries
  • Tympole Ball: 100~ Curry Dex Entries
  • Champion Ball: 151~ Curry Dex Entries

The extra balls don’t really give any additional benefits, they’re just added flare for your Pokémon. And your Pokémon do deserve the best!

Cooking different types of curry is simple — you just need to use different ingredients mixed with different berry combinations. You can find berry trees all over the Wilds — I recommend shaking berry trees until you have 7-9 berries. I stop there and collect the berries I’ve found so far. Berry trees respawn fairly frequently, so check daily to refill your supplies.

Ingredients are sold by green-parka NPCs in the Wilds. Each ingredient produces a different curry, so save up and buy every type of ingredient you can. To learn more about the many, many different types of curry you can cook, check here to see how different ingredients combine into different recipes.