The Division 2: Find Owls To Reveal A Secret Room In This ‘Morovian Society’ Easter Egg

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To truly reach the end of The Divison 2, you’ll need to reach World Tier 5. This is the last of the end-game ‘World Tiers’, where you’ll have access to the highest level loot, and unlock new ‘Invaded Stronghold’ challenges. These Invaded Stronghold challenges change weekly, and doing all of them can unlock the Nemesis Exotic weapon, fully explained in our Exotic guide here.

World Tier 5 also includes some secret Easter eggs for players looking to explore the unknown. Today, we’re going to discuss an Easter egg on the Roosevelt Island Stronghold. In the ‘Invaded’ version of the stronghold, you’ll be able to find (and light) seven secret owls. Activating the owls makes them burn, and activating all of them in the correct order will reveal a hidden chamber deep within the zone.

Right now, it’s currently unknown why this Easter egg exists, and if there’s a bigger reward at the end. We’ll update this article as more information is discovered.

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Find Owls To Reveal A Secret Room In This ‘Morovian Society’ Easter Egg

The majority of this Easter egg was discovered and shared by u/iArkeus on r/TheDivision. All credit goes to them and the community of Easter egg hunters there.

This Easter egg is located in the Outcast’s stronghold on Roosevelt Island. It involves lighting seven owls in a specific order to unlock a hidden room. Inside the room, you’ll find an audio hint that might point to future Easter egg discoveries — or it’s hinting at the future of the game. This might just be official lore. It isn’t clear right now, but players have been able to crack open the secret room by following these steps.

Step #1: Setting Up The Easter Egg

To actually begin the Easter egg, you’ll need to start the ‘Invaded: Roosevelt Island’ Stronghold. Only the Invaded version of the Stronghold will work.

Once you start the stronghold, you’ll need to complete the stronghold. Defeat the final boss and clear the area — but don’t leave the mission yet. Once the mission is complete, you can circle around back to the beginning and find the hidden owls.

There are seven owls you need to activate. Refollow your steps from the beginning — the owls can only be shot after completing the mission and running through it again with everything defeated.

Step #2: Light The Seven Owls

You must light seven owl statues in a specific order to unlock the Easter egg room. If you interact with an owl in the correct order, it will burn green. If you activate any of the owls in the wrong order, the puzzle will reset and you’ll have to restart.

The order shown below is the order they will appear as you run through the map — the ‘Owl ##’ is the order then need to be activated in.

Owl #5: At the wooden bridge near the start of the mission, look to the back-left after crossing the bridge.

Owl #3: In the arena with a plane fuselage forming a tunnel that splits the area, look to the right of the tunnel to spot a “Crops” tent. Find the owl to the right of the plane fuselage.

Owl #6: After leaving the area with the body-burning pits, where you destroy the three viral containers, continue on to a grassy area. Before the ammo supply boxes, look left for an owl next to a dead dog / girl.

Owl #7: Jump the fence to access ‘Camp Area E’ — go to the right side of this area and look for another ‘CROPS’ sign. Hop the waist-high cover to access the owl.

Owl #1: Entering Emeline’s control room in the stronghold, stop before jumping down into her escape tunnel. Exit through the right of this room to find an open area with this owl. NOTE: This is where the locked doors will open after you’ve successfully lit up all seven owls.

Owl #4: Leaving the dirt escape tunnel from Emeline’s HQ, look to the right to spot this owl.

Owl #2: Find this owl on a tree stump, past the final combat area — follow the road leading back to the start of the stronghold, and you’ll see this owl on a tree stump, left of the main path.

Shoot all the owls in the order listed above (Owl #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7) to unlock the doors to the Easter egg room.

You’ll hear an owl hoot if you light all seven owls in the correct order.

Step #3: Enter The Easter Egg Room

The Easter Egg room is right next to Owl #1, inside Emeline’s HQ. The formerly locked doors will swing open and reveal an additional chamber. Drop down into the tunnel to access the secret meeting room.

You’ll find a giant owl statue, similar to the ones you’ve been lighting. There doesn’t appear to be anything here — unless you use a salute emote on the giant owl statue. This will activate an audio clip.

“The gears are turning, the plans in motion. We will have to scatter to avoid detection. This may be the last meeting of the Morovian Society. We will seal this site until another who knows the ritual can re-open it.”

What is the ‘Morovian Society’? Is Emeline, the leader of the Outcasts, a member? And what does it all mean? Is this just another step in a much larger Easter egg?

Right now, I have no idea. And that’s pretty exciting. We’ll provide more details as they’re discovered. Until then, enjoy stewing in this very strange, very cool Easter egg.

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