The Division 2: How To Improve Performance On PC | Tweaks Guide

It’s a ritual every PC player knows well — constantly tweaking your settings until you’ve found the optimal balance of graphical fidelity and performance. The Division 2 offers a deep set of PC-specific settings you can monkey around with all day, and here I’m going to provide some community-assisted advice to help you improve performance without sacrificing quality.

Okay, that isn’t always possible — but there really are some settings you can change and only the most eagle-eyed player will be able to tell the difference. We’ll start with the invisible settings first, and move into the more drastic changes later in the guide below.

And if you’re truly stumped by performance, it’s always worth simply dropping every setting to Low. If it runs better, just focus on the essentials.

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How To Improve Performance On PC | Tweaks Guide

Many players have reported a dip in performance since the Open Beta — others say the game has been optimized better than before. What does this mean? It might have something to do with the servers.

The Division 2 is an always-online game, and if you play when there is a Poor Connection To Server message, you’ll experience some strange hiccups. It won’t feel as responsive. This issue won’t always affect the game, so try to do all your testing with a normal server connection.

  • NOTE: Try enabling DX12 — DX12 is unstable right now, so if you experience crashes, just switch back to DX11 in the settings.

Memory Leak Warning

Right now, The Division 2 is experiencing ‘Memory Leak’ issues — as it, it’s using too much memory after some time has passed. This affects both the PC and PS4 versions of the game, but there’s an easy fix.

  • To reset your memory on PC / PS4, just restart the system.

A reset should clear the memory cache. If the game starts to chug after a few more hours of playing, you might need to reset again. You can immediately tell if there is a memory issue if you start to see flickering on the map screen. That’s a sure sign.


‘Invisible’ Settings To Improve Performance

For an instant boost in performance that’s hard to even notice, you can try the following.

  • Lower Resolution Scale to 85%.
  • Set Sharpening to 10

Those settings will give you a performance boost, and won’t be very noticeable at all if the rest of your settings are on High / Ultra. Some settings are extremely system taxing, you’ll want to lower those too.

  • Set Reflection Quality to Medium / Low
  • Set Volumetric Fog to Medium / Low

Reflection Quality and Volumetric Fog are extremely system taxing, and don’t add much to the experience, even when on High. Medium is a perfectly acceptable setting for both.

Finally, you can lower streaming / draw distances to help your performance. Streaming Distance can be first. It’s the least noticeable draw distance.

  • Lower Streaming Distance to 6

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