The Division 2: Where To Find For Honor & Grow Home | Easter Eggs Guide

Ubisoft is all about cross-promotion, but it takes a very meta form in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. We’ve kept our eyes open for Easter eggs, and so far we’ve spotted two references to games in the extended Ubisoft library — For Honor, and Grow Home.

In the apocalyptic aftermath of the ‘Green Poison’ outbreak, people have to create settlements for themselves in the semi-abandoned remains of Washington D.C. As an agent of the Division, your job is to help the people and re-establish the government during these hard times. One of your tasks is visiting the settlements in the area, and upgrading them. For each project or mission you complete, you’ll literally enhance your chosen settlement.

For example, the first settlement you’ll find is the Theater settlement. By helping them out, you’ll add a wind turbine, a potable water storage area, and much more. What we’re all about is something ‘for the kids’ — early on, you’ll be able to create a Game Corner for the people in the Theater settlement. That’s where you’ll find both Easter eggs.

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Where To Find For Honor & Grow Home | Easter Eggs Guide


To find the Easter Eggs, you’ll first need to upgrade the Theater Settlement — once you recover the battery and complete some of the Projects, you can complete the ‘Game Corner’ settlement upgrade. This creates a little game corner with a television and a stack of video games.

There are two very specific Ubisoft Easter eggs in this little corner. You’ll find Grow Home on the video game stack to the right of the television — and if you look at the television itself, you’ll be able to spot screenshots from For Honor.

Funnily enough, the seated kids in the Game Corner are totally ignoring the television. Instead, they’re busy passing a ball around.

This is (probably!) just the first of the Ubisoft references we’ll find in The Division 2, so here’s hoping for plenty more. How can this game NOT have Assassin’s Creed, Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, or Splinter Cell Easter eggs? There has to be at least another reference to the Tom Clancy franchise, right?! We’ll keep our eyes peeled, agent.