The Division 2: Summon A Secret Lvl. 35 Super Boss By Shooting A Light | Easter Egg Guide

The Division 2 is packed with hidden loot caches and collectibles — but I never guessed that you’d find secret bosses hidden in the environment. This super-secret was shared by u/Naitrax on Reddit, and it’s just too awesome to ignore. Basically, you can summon a Level 35 Hunter boss at night by shooting a very specific lightbulb.

The Easter egg boss is located in the West Potomac Park region, and appears after activating the local SHD tech node. After completing your first SHD tech mission, you’ll unlock a bunch more across the map that you can reactivate and repower the area.

You don’t need to actually complete the SHD mission in the park, but you do need to activate a very special map. Once the map is activated, you’ll shoot a lightbulb over the water and instantly summon a unique boss battle. Why? We have no idea, but it’s cool.

And yes, you’ll get something awesome for defeating the boss. Check out the cosmetic in the full guide below.

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Summon A Secret Lvl. 35 Super Boss By Shooting A Light | Easter Egg Guide
For beating the secret boss, you’ll unlock an extremely cool ballistic mask. Picture shared by u/JMocks. Now that’s one worthy reward.

The Easter egg boss is available in the West Potomac Park region — there are two steps.

  1. Activate the laptop, you’ll have to enter a small shack in the West Potomac Park. Jump through the window, then travel downstairs to find the laptop / map combo. Use the laptop!
  2. Travel east from the Lincoln Memorial and shoot the hanging lightbulb over the reflecting pool.

Follow the steps exactly, and an armored Lvl. 35 boss will spawn on that spot. How did anyone manage to figure this Easter egg out? Well, there are some clues.

Check out the map on the wall you need to activate. If you look closely, you’ll see the lightbulb area is circled with a moon symbol above it. You can actually activate this boss no matter what level you are in the game. Beating him? That’s a whole other story. He doesn’t despawn, either.

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