The Division 2: Here’s How To Steal The Declaration Of Independence | Side Mission Guide

This scene? Not depicted in-game. Just the document.

Washington D.C. is packed with museums — the entire city is basically one huge museum, and the place is totally wrecked in The Division 2. Looters and evil factions have wrecked up most of these locations. There’s one piece of history that’s still well-secured, though. The Declaration of Independence is up for grabs in an underground vault in the National Archives, and there’s a mission sending you in to steal it back.

This sounds like a plot for a National Treasure movie, and in some ways it kind of is. You’ll get to sneak around the unseen storage rooms of the National Archives, and even get a (realistic!) peak at the security measures that keep that famous document protected from thieves like you. You’ll also have to contend with a small army of angry former soldiers called the True Sons. Learn how (and when) you’ll find this fun optional mission below.

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Here’s How To Steal The Declaration Of Independence | Side Mission Guide
The National Archives are located in the big building marked here.

Yes, it’s possible to steal the Declaration of Independence for yourself in The Division 2. To unlock this completely optional (and missable) side mission, you’ll first need to upgrade the Theater Settlement to Level 3 “Solidarity” — which completely changes the look of the settlement and unlocks a bunch of new quests.

Return to the enhanced settlement and talk to all the NPC quest givers. One of them will point out that the True Sons have taken over the National Archives. Locate the mission, and you’ll be off to steal the Declaration of Independence back from these evil usurpers.


What makes this mission interesting, is that you’ll be able to see the deep levels of security that are (actually!) accurate. The famous document is stored in a special case that can be lowered underground on a lift, and then slides back into a secure vault on tracks. You’ll be able to enter this vault from behind, fight through swarms of tough Level 10 enemies, and ride the lift up to defeat the True Sons boss.

It’s a challenging mission, so I recommend bringing a party with you. At the end of the quest, your helpers in the White House Base of Operations say they’ll put the Declaration of Independence on display — I checked around, unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Maybe it will only appear after an upgrade. If that’s the case, I’ll add pics to this article. Otherwise, just bask in the warm knowledge that you’ve rescued a piece of history.

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