The Division 2: 12 Features The Game Doesn’t Explain | Beginner’s Guide

The Division 2 can be overwhelming in your first hours. There’s a lot of content here — tons of skills, loads of loot — it’s a whole lot of information dumped into your custom agent’s lap. There’s so much stuff, you might miss out on important features that the game doesn’t really explain.

Here, I’m going to reveal how some of these systems work. Whether it’s removable weapon mods, XP perks, cosmetics, or loot locations, I’ll list the most useful tips I’ve found in the game so far. We’re not touching any of the awesome endgame content yet, basically. This guide is for beginners to the franchise. Heck, even if you’re a veteran, there’s a few wrinkles to the first game’s formula you might not know about.

Get your gear equipped and your weapon ready, agent. It’s time to civilize a lawless Washington D.C.

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1: Create Multiple Characters To Unlock More Cosmetics

Cosmetics in The Division 2 are account-bound, that means all your cool cosmetic gear is shared between all your characters on one account.

If you want to get lots of different outfits right away and swap between them, all you have do to is make multiple characters and select alternate duds in the character creator. Then you’ll be able to use everything, whenever you want! Fancy, huh?

2: Look For Loot Caches Behind Locks & Hanging From Trees

There’s even more valuable loot to hunt down in The Division 2 — but finding it can be tricky sometimes. You’ll want to search anywhere that’s just slightly off the beaten path, and some areas you might not even realize are accessible. Look for big yellow locks on doors or fences; you can actually shoot those off. You’ll almost always find an armor crate, a weapon crate, and more miscellaneous loot inside.

Don’t forget to look up while you’re exploring too. Sometimes you’ll be able to spot crates just hanging from trees or light poles. Shoot them down to collect.