The Division 2: 12 Features The Game Doesn’t Explain | Beginner’s Guide

3: Pick The Weapon You Want – Stats Aren’t As Important As They Appear

The stats menu is kind of complicated in The Division 2. Some weapons do more damage, other shoot faster, and then you have to take accuracy into account. There are a ton of different weapon options, and straight-up damage output doesn’t always make for the best weapons. Basically, it’s much better to test every weapon you find and learn which weapon you like the best.

Those stats aren’t as important as they first appear while completing the story. You can use an underleveled gun for a long time. It’s all about your preference. Which weapons feel right. Call it gunfeels or whatever, but learning how to handle every weapon is much more important than simply swapping to the next slightly-higher damage upgrade.

4: When Using Skills, Hold Down The Button To Manually Detonate To Speed Up Respawn Time

Skills like the drone, turret, HIVE grenade and more are incredibly useful in combat — but they take awhile to recharge. If you want to speed up the timer, you can simply manually detonate the skills before they auto-explode. Whenever you summon a skill, you’ll see a meter next to it. That’s the timer. If you manually detonate the skill before that timer empties, you’ll cut the respawn time in half.

Just hold down the deploy button to manually detonate your skills. For example, a turret only takes 60 seconds to respawn instead of 120 if you manually detonate. Same for the HIVE grenade, which respawns in 120 seconds instead of 240 seconds. That’s a big jump.