The Division 2: How To Unlock & Join Clans | Multiplayer Guide

Clans are back in The Division 2, and you’ll get bonuses for starting your own — or joining a friend’s. Clans are an easy way to organize PVE or PVP, and you’ll always be able to see who’s online. In a game with so much focus on teamwork, it only makes sense to hop into a clan ASAP. Unfortunately, clans aren’t unlocked when you first start the game. You’ll have to do a little legwork first.

The Division 2 is an always-online experience, with weekly updates and a constant stream of new features. It’s all about exploring the remains of an abandoned Washington D.C. after a deadly virus caused the government to crumble. Now a group of Special Forces agents called The Division work to restore order and help the ramshackle communities survive. In practice, you’ll run around with friends in realistic environments, taking cover and deploying futuristic military weapons to fight villain groups attempting to take over. It’s all more fun with friends, naturally.

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How To Unlock & Join Clans | Multiplayer Guide

To unlock clan functionality — which lets you join or create clans — you’ll need to play the game just a little bit.

  • To unlock the Clan menu at your base, you need to complete TWO Theater Settlement main story missions.

If you’re following the story, you’ll be sent to complete the “Grand Washington Hotel” mission after visiting the Theater settlement. Next, you’ll want to complete the ‘Viewpoint Museum‘ mission — you can skip the side-missions and jump straight to this mission.


After completing the museum, return to the Theater Settlement and talk to Larson. She’ll be recruited and sent back to your main base at the White House. You can fast travel back to the White House to talk to her, or access the Clan tab from the main menu. The menu will unlock after she’s been recruited.

Joining a clan is easy. You can find lots of active clans on the Division 2 subreddit. Clans are currently set for a maximum of 50 players.

  • To join a clan:
    • Access the Clan menu from the Main menu.
    • Go to Options -> Search Clans
    • Type in the name of the clan you want to join.
    • Apply!
  • Clan Limitations:
    • You can have up to 50 unique players in a clan.
    • Every unique player can have up to 4 characters – so 200 characters per clan.

And that’s it. If the clan approves you, you’ll join the clan and gain the benefits of membership. There are special clan rewards like items and cosmetics, so it’s worth getting in if you’re looking to play this game for hundreds (or thousands!) of hours.

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