The Division 2: Unlock A WW2 Era Uniform With This Hidden Quest | Secrets Guide

Mysteries abound in this strange secret quest that unlocks a WW2 era uniform for your character in The Division 2. The mission isn’t just about awesome retro reward outfits that are exclusive to this quest, it’s also interesting in its own right, and leads to an even-more mysterious second quest. It’s all about uncovering a hidden OSS bunker, and following a strange signal. What could it all mean? I have no idea, so let’s just stick to the facts for now.

Travelling to a specific underground chamber in Washington D.C. leads you to a woman. She’s a quest-giver in the environment, which I should make clear, I’ve never seen in 20+ hours of playing the game. Quest-givers so far have only appeared in Settlements. This lady sends you to a nearby observatory at Navy Hill to learn about the strange signal.

There are puzzles, there are unique underground bunkers, and there’s a puzzle at the heart of all of this. I haven’t solved it yet — but here’s hoping new information is discovered soon. Let’s just enjoy what we’ve got so far.

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Unlock A WW2 Era Uniform With This Hidden Quest | Secrets Guide

To start the hidden questline, travel to Foggy Bottom — the region on the west coast of DC. Follow the road directly west of the safe house and you’ll discover a point-of-interest. Travel up the road and enter the open doorway to find a ladder leading to the sewers underground.

Below, you’ll find a woman in a bunker. Talk to her, and she’ll send you to a nearby Observatory and unlock a bonus mission. To complete this mission, you’ll need to fight through Outcasts and True Sons — but there’s an awesome reward for completing the quest.

  • Lost in the observatory? Go upstairs and interact with the painting! A secret passage will unlock.

For completing the quest, you’ll earn a unique retro military uniform. It’s a WW2 era uniform you’ll find in the apparel menu. Open the menu, and select the full-body outfit option — you have to wear the entire retro uniform. It doesn’t come in separate pieces like other outfits.


This quest is all about secrets, so exploring the underground OSS bunker actually does reveal something unique — yet another hidden mission area. The location is marked on your map, but as of this writing, nobody seems to know what you need to do in this underground zone. There’s a lock — shooting it leads to an underground room. And it’s a dead end. 

The community is working hard on a solution. For now, our quest ends here. Let’s just bask in the glory of the hidden WW2 uniform. If you’re lucky, you can even find a WW2 era Thompson SMG to pair with it like I did.

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