The Division 2: Secret Hunter Boss Locations | All 12 Masks Guide

That’s just four of the twelve unique Hunter masks you can unlock.

Because there just aren’t enough secret bosses in The Division 2, here’s where to find them all. By interacting with secret switches in special locations at night, you can summon one (or several) Black Tusk Hunter bosses. These are some of the hardest boss battles in the game, and they’re tough to tackle even if you’re kitted for the endgame. For each Hunter you defeat, you’ll earn a special mask that looks pretty awesome. Think of these masks as badges of honor for some insane fights.

We’ve already covered a few of these secret masks in previous articles — where to find the secret bosses in the East Mall, or the Lincoln Memorial lightbulb boss. Those two locations account for five of the masks, but there are seven more we haven’t touched yet. Here, I’m going to explain what you need to do to summon every single boss. There are a total of seven boss spawn locations you can activate. Most of them will only spawn one boss — but three locations spawn several bosses at once. Those are going to be tough. Bring some friends.

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Secret Hunter Boss Locations | All 12 Masks Guide

There are 12 secret bosses to fight in The Division 2. You’ll need to follow the steps below, at the locations listed below, to summon them. Each boss drops a cosmetic mask that unlocks for all characters on your account.

East Mall: Drops Death Mask, Phantom Mask, Diamond Mask & Cross Mask. 4 Hunter Bosses spawn.

  • Go to the fountain plaza (with the water node) north of Sinkhole CP, or south of the Navy Plaza CP.
  • At night, use the switch in the café connected to the plaza. Stand in the center of the fountain to summon the four bosses.

West Potomac: Drops Ghoul Mask. 1 Hunter Boss spawns.

  • North of the Lincoln Memorial and west of The Mast, look for a small building with an underground entrance inside. You can jump through the window to shoot the lock.
  • Inside, use the laptop underground to activate the next step.
  • Go to the location marked on the underground map at night, on the water east of the Lincoln Memorial, and shoot the single hanging lightbulb on the tower.


West Potomac: Drops Ghost Mask & Specter Mask. 2 Hunter Bosses spawn.

  • Go to the underground of the Washington Monument. Down the elevator shaft, interact with the switch to reveal a map on the screen above with three marks.
  • At night, go to the three locations and find fresh grave stones on dirt. When standing on the dirt, use a “Salute” emote.
  • Use the same map screen in the monument underground. If a SHD circle appears, you’ve correctly spawned the Hunters.
  • One hunter spawns just south of 16th St. NW (White House Region). The other appears in the small structure just outside the Washington Monument CP.

NOTE: The Hunters spawn in random locations and will exit the map quickly. You’ll want to try and kill them with one shot — use your Signature Weapon to take them down fast. Use Specialization Points to increase your Signature Weapon power.

Downtown East: Drops Demon Mask. 1 Hunter Boss spawns.

  • Enter the large building east of the Theater Settlement with an apartment pavilion inside. You’ll be sent here on a side-mission.
  • Go upstairs and look for targets on four windows. Shoot the window targets in order from the top to the bottom.
  • The Hunter will immediately spawn below.

Downtown East: Drops Crimson Mask. 1 Hunter Boss spawns.

  • Enter the building with the large courtyard, directly south of the Hyena Stronghold marker. This same building has a SHD cache.
  • Enter the southern wing and use the radio on the reception desk.
  • After interacting, sprint to the opposite room to the north and pickup the phone. You have to be fast.

West End: Drops Midas Mask & Revenant Mask. 1 Hunter Boss spawns.

  • Found at the large hotel, off of F St NW, just northest of the Potomac Event Center.
  • Go to the swampy hotel pool at night and use the Jumping Jacks emote in the water.

Southwest: Drops Wraith Mask. 1 Hunter Boss spawns.

  • Travel east from the Liberty’s Call Safe House. Find the memorial with the massive flag pole.
  • Use the Salute emote on the memorial to make the Hunter spawn. It may take more than one. Just keep trying!

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