The Division 2: How To Farm Faction Keys & Caches | Chatterbox Exotic Guide

One of the best guns in The Division 2 currently is the Chatterbox, an Exotic P90 SMG with some incredibly useful traits. The only way to actually acquire one of these babies is to craft it. That wouldn’t be so bad, but the crafting materials it requires are hard-to-find, and only available in special loot containers called Faction Caches. You might play through all 30 levels of the game and never once unlock a Faction Cache.

To help you craft the Chatterbox SMG for yourself, we’ve put together an extensive guide explaining everything you need to know about farming Faction Keys and Faction Caches. Both are required to collect enough exotic SMG crafting parts to actually get the Chatterbox, and farming isn’t so hard if you know where to look and what to do. You can resupply Faction Keys at multiple locations and play through these areas daily for more chances at these rare crafting materials.

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How To Farm Faction Keys & Caches | Chatterbox Exotic Guide

Faction Keys are special keys you can find that unlock faction-specific caches. There are keys / caches for all four factions. Caches appear in certain spots on the map, or in random spots in main missions, side missions, or strongholds.

How To Find Faction Keys: Faction Keys are often located in underground areas. If you’re exploring the map, you’ll uncover yellow markers — these are underground entrances. The underground zones will almost always feature a wall-mounted case that contains a faction key.

Why collect Faction Keys?: Faction Caches contain high-end loot. The higher your World Tier, the better the loot will be. You can also collect an endless supply of Faction Keys — some underground regions have 5+ keys.

  • NOTE: Most importantly, Hyena Caches contain EXOTIC SMG parts. To craft an Exotic SMG, you’ll need to farm for Hyena Caches / Keys.

Before beginning your hunt for keys / caches — it’s important to understand how loot respawns. Caches and key loot containers will both resupply after 24 hours. After the 24 hour mark, you MUST log-out and re-enter the server for the loot to repopulate.

You can spend keys on faction caches and waste the key if you don’t wait 24 hours or log-off and log-in.


Where To Find Faction Keys

There are specific locations on the map where you’ll be able to find tons of Faction Keys. The keys you’ll find are random — they appear in wall-mounted boxes in underground sewer areas. They respawn every 24+ hours after collection, so you can farm these locations for lots of keys.

To make key collection easier, you can capture Control Points near the underground entrances and donate supplies. With the SHD perk, any loot containers within range will light up.

  • South of the Roosevelt Island Bridge: Underground contains 5-6 keys.
  • Foggy Bottom: Underground contains 8-9 keys.
  • East of Lincoln Memorial: Underground contains

How To Craft The Chatterbox Exotic P90 SMG

The ‘Chatterbox’ is an insanely useful exotic P90 SMG that can only be crafted with rare exotic parts found in Hyena Faction Caches. The Chatterbox crafting blueprint is also only found in Hyena Faction caches. You’ll have to farm these — go to underground entrances to collect keys, then locate Hyena Caches to (hopefully) collect the Chatterbox crafting parts.

  • Hyena Key Farming Spots:
    • White House Region: North of the Base of Operations, on the northern edge of the map.
    • West Potomac Park Region: Outside the Washington Monument, or near the DZ entrance.
    • West End Region: South of the West DZ entrance.
    • Downtown West Region: Northeast of the Campus Settlement.

There is a Hyena Faction Cache in the Grand Washington Hotel mission. Near the end, when you’re fighting through the hotel rooms, you’ll find a cache in a restroom along the left side of the main path. There’s also a Black Tusk Cache on the rooftop. It’s just to the right as you exit the stairs.

You can also find caches in the Jefferson Trade Center. After clearing the parking lot, you’ll enter a room. To the right of the main path door, there’s a cache.

If you’re looking for Outcasts Caches, there are two very close to the ‘Baby’ Control Point. Capture it in the west, and complete the OSS secret side mission to unlock the basement area. There is an Outcast Cache in the basement, and above ground just outside that same building.

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