The Division 2: How To Grind For Tons Of Gear, Weapons & Cash | Farming Guide

Don’t want to venture into the Dark Zone? Here are some ways to earn amazing loot solo.

Who doesn’t love loot? In The Division 2, there’s plenty of loot to find — whether you’re cracking open massive crates, or going piecemeal with small weapon cases and armor boxes. If you’re looking to earn a lot of loot consistently while solo, you’ve come to the right place. Below, I’m going to explain all the best tips and tricks for getting high-end gear.

Some of these tricks are handy for the end-game too. The community has figured out a surprising amount about how this game functions, and there are methods you can use to earn extra Exotics in the end-game, or at least improve your chances. Whether you’re grinding post-Lvl. 30, or if you’re looking for the best possible gear while playing through the story, here’s how to grind.

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How To Grind For Tons Of Gear, Weapons & Cash | Farming Guide

NOTE: Loot containers reset every 24 hours after they’ve been collected. Large loot chests do not respawn. Weapon crates and gear crates, however, will respawn consistently.

There are two ways to get tons of good gear — but you’ll have to make a choice. Either save your crates / keys for the end-game, or use them early. If you use them early, you’ll be able to get more gear as you progress through the story. If you wait, you’ll get better quality gear at the end.

End-Game Loot Grinding

Dark Zones might give the best loot, but there are safer ways to quickly grind for exotics / high-end gear when you reach Level 30.

  1. Save Faction Keys
    • Faction Chests contain high-end loot.
  2. Save Supply Rooms
    • Especially save the large chests! They’re the most valuable, and do not respawn.

You’ll find Faction Keys dropped (rarely) by faction enemies in random events. You can also earn Faction Keys by exploring the underground — if you find underground entrances, look for wall-mounted cases. These will always contain a key, and refill every 24 hours. Faction crates can only be opened with the specific matching faction key, and they contain some of the best loot in the game.

Supply Rooms unlock after clearing enemy Control Points. You’ll find a Weapon Case, Gear Case, and a large Loot Chest in every supply room. You can make a choice here — either loot these early, or wait until you’re Level 30 for the best possible loot rewards. The large chests are what we’re after here — the chests contain two items, and the large chests have the highest possible chance for useful loot.

Everything else in a loot room respawns. The large chests? Those don’t. You can always choose to loot everything and leave the large chests for Level 30.


Early Solo Loot / Cash Grinding 

For an insane amount of daily loot, you can follow this very straightforward strategy. It’ll get you a ton of loot that you can either keep (rarely), or sell / deconstruct for parts. If you’re looking for lots of cash quickly, here’s the best method I’ve found so far.

  • As you progress through the story, complete every Control Point.
    • WARNING: Control Points become harder at Level 30, after finishing the story. You might want to hold off completion and stock up on junk first.

As you capture Control Points, you’ll unlock Supply Rooms. These rooms contain multiple chests — you’ll get one weapon and one piece of gear in every supply room. There are 2-4 Control Points in every region of the map, and you can fast travel to them.

So, here’s the trick: the supply rooms will resupply every 24 hours. That means you’ll be able to fast travel to each supply room, grab your loot, sell / deconstruct, and keep what you want. To get the most out of this trick, you’ll want to open these Supply Rooms early — then you can recharge your loot supply every day, after you’ve earned a few levels.

This method is best for solo players, or players looking to take the game at a slow pace. If you’re struggling with high-level combat encounters and want to refresh your gear, this is one way to do it that requires zero effort. And clearing Control Points is easy, even when you’re Solo. Just call in friendly reinforcements right away, and let them take the heat off you.

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