The Division 2: Get To Level 30 Efficiently With These XP Earning Tips

Before you can begin the end-game content of The Division 2, you’ll have to reach Level 30. Thankfully, there are plenty of activities to complete, and if you’re playing efficiently, you won’t need to grind. After my 20+ hours of playing, and with some research, I’ve figured out the best possible path to Level 30. It’s all very straightforward, but there are wrinkles to the progression system you might not know. A little extra effort can go an extremely long way.

The Division 2 adds more random events to the open-world, and that includes Control Points. Control Points are small enemy checkpoints — when you enter the region, you’ll be able to call allied reinforcements with a flair. Hold [Square / X] to summon allies, then assault these positions. After taking a Control Point, you’ll have to defend it. With NPC friends helping, these aren’t nearly that difficult, even if you’re playing solo. They’re also an important pathway for earning lots of XP.

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Get To Level 30 Efficiently With These XP Earning Tips

There are no surefire tricks or grinding spots to help you gain XP. Instead, you’ll need to use the many, many special activities to easily enhance your level. Here’s what you’ll want to do.

Unlock SHD Tech XP Perks

There are several XP perks available at the Base of Operations. All you have to do is save 5~ or so SHD tech points and you’ll be able to unlock them all. Get these SHD tech perks as soon as possible! You’ll earn extra XP for multikills, headshots, or even something as simple as surviving without dying.

NOTE: SHD Tech caches will appear on your map after using terminals in each safe house. You’ll find a terminal in every safe house. When you activate it, SHD tech caches will appear on your map, making them much easier to find.

The SHD Tech XP perks are cheap, so it isn’t too difficult to get them early. Once you start exploring the east side of the map, you’ll be able to earn lots of SHD tech. Find the caches, and spend it wisely — get your extra Armor Kits / Grenades, then you can go for the SHD tech.


Complete Settlement Projects For Huge XP Boosts

Here’s your biggest XP earner. Projects can give you a HUGE amount of XP, and they’re really simple to complete. You can visit the Projects manager at any Settlement, and they’re worth completing when you need to earn XP.

Projects are a new addition to The Division 2. Each project gives you three objectives — donate 50 objects to friendly control points, defeat 3 faction Elites, collect 4 SHD caches, etc. They’re all simple activities you should be doing anyway. Instead of skipping all that stuff, check you projects and see what needs to be done.

After completing a project, you need to travel to the settlement where the project originated to collect your reward. Not every project gives you a huge XP bonus, so check and see the rewards before dedicating time to these projects.

  1. Check Projects at the NPC.
  2. Complete open-world objectives.
    • Collect loot from boxes for supplies / materials.
    • Clear enemy faction Control Points, defeat Elite Bosses, stop random enemy faction events, etc.
    • Collect SHD caches and unlock Safe Houses.
  3. Don’t sell / deconstruct the gear you collect! Many Projects need you to donate 3 / 4 gear pieces.
    • Whenever you return to base, just check the Projects NPC and see if there is anything you can donate. If not, then you’re okay to deconstruct / sell your junk.
  4. Complete the Projects. Return to the Settlement Project NPC to get your rewards, or unlock Bounties.
    • If you unlock a Bounty, these are also very simple — and timed. Just run to the area and keep your eyes open for the faction boss. They’ll also give you a big XP boost.

What’s even better is that you’ll constantly earn XP for all of these activities. You’ll get lots of XP for capturing enemy Control Points on the map, earn XP for defeating the multiple Elite boss-type enemies that spawn, and so on. It’s an endless XP fiesta.

Save Side Missions For Level 20+

Side Missions have a special property — and I’m only talking about the simpler Side Missions. These aren’t Main Missions or Settlement Missions. Side Missions are jobs you’ll get from quest givers in a Settlement. They don’t expand or enhance your settlement — these side missions just give you a lot of XP.

There’s a reason you might want to save these for later. They always give you 1/3rd of the XP you need to level up. The missions (and the XP rewards) will scale up, so they’ll actually give you way, way more XP if you save them for the later stage of the game.

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