The Division 2: Unlock 4 Unique Cosmetic Masks With This Secret Boss Encounter Easter Egg

There’s a second, even more difficult secret boss encounter to discover in The Division 2 — and this one will let you unlock four cosmetic masks. If you can defeat the four Hunters that spawn, that is. They’re all Lvl. 35, and incredibly difficult. Below, I’ll explain how to summon them with a weird little Easter egg, and offer a few tips to beat them. Yes, it’s possible to bring them all down solo.

Like the secret boss that spawns near the Lincoln Memorial, these four bruisers are only beatable when you hit the end-game. From my experience, three appeared instantly, followed by a fourth boss that’s even harder than the rest. Each one, when defeated, will drop a cosmetic mask you can wear and share with all your characters on a single account.

Keep scrolling to learn how to defeat these bosses, and check out the gallery for pictures of all the unlockable masks.

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Unlock 4 Unique Cosmetic Masks With This Secret Boss Encounter Easter Egg

Use this switch at night to summon the bosses.

To summon the quartet of bonus bosses, you’ll need to travel to a fountain plaza south of the Navy Hill control point in the East Mall region

. The fountain is a water resource point on your map. From there, enter the café structure and use a switch on the counter, near one of the coffee machines.

The switch can only be flipped at night. Flipping the switch will cause the lights outside to flicker — while they’re flickering, sprint to the center of the fountain to make the bosses appear. The bosses are Lvl. 35 Hunters, and they’re all extremely deadly Black Tusk enemies. Defeating them is incredibly difficult alone — bring a team to back you up! Even then, you might get mangled.


The Black Tusk bosses are fast, powerful, and use a variety of special skills you might not be prepared for. They can heal themselves with Armor Kits, use healing grenades, summon Artillery Turrets, summon Attack Drones, use EMP blasts to knock out your skills, or hijack your skills and turn them against you. Each of the bosses has a different set of skills, and when they fight together, they can easily wipe a squad.

TIPS TO BEAT THE BOSSES SOLO: If you want to handle them solo, I recommend reaching (about) Gear Score 300, then capturing the Navy Hill Control Point. After summoning the bosses, they don’t despawn, so you can slowly take them down one-by-one. My personal favorite tactic was to lure them away from their original spawn point. They’re extremely fast, so they’ll follow you — lure them to the Navy Hill CP and use the minigun turret to safely wipe them out.

The four masks are the Cross Mask, the Phantom Mask, the Death Mask, and the Diamond Mask. They’re all pretty awesome looking, so you’ll want to get them for your end-game adventures. Check them out in the gallery above.

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