Resident Evil 2 Remake: Ghost Survivors DLC – How To Unlock All The Cosmetics | Hats Guide

There’s a playful side to Resident Evil 2. Capcom continues the tradition of silliness in the ‘Ghost Survivors’ mode, where you can add festive hats to your four playable heroes. The hats are — to put it mildly — completely ridiculous, grotesque, or both. And they’re all worth unlocking. My personal favorite is Tyrant. That hat, and that steely gaze? That’s a winning combo.

Nowhere in-game does it tell you how to actually unlock the various cosmetic pieces, so we’re going to reveal the secrets here. Mostly, it involves completing challenges and scenarios in specific ways. For example, there are two routes you can take to complete Kendo’s scenario. Depending on which route you take, you’ll unlock a different head to wear. Learn how to unlock everything with the quick guide below.

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Ghost Survivors – How To Unlock All The Cosmetics | Hats Guide

Hats are cosmetic items you can unlock for all the playable characters in ‘Ghost Survivors’ mode.

You won’t unlock any cosmetic for completing a ‘Training’ scenario. You must complete the main scenario.

  • Skull
    • Combine gunpowder (white) + gunpowder (yellow) to create a grenade.
  • Crocodile
    • Complete the ‘Runaway’ scenario – Route 1.
  • Unicorn
    • Complete the ‘Runaway’ scenario – Route 2.
  • Egghead
    • Open all the locked gates and complete the ‘Runaway’ scenario.
  • Mr. Raccoon
  • G
    • Complete the ‘No Time To Mourn’ scenario – Route 1.
  • Molded (RE7)
    • Complete the ‘No Time To Mourn’ scenario – Route 2.
  • Sheep
    • Complete ‘No Time To Mourn’ scenario.
  • ┬áTyrant
    • Complete both ‘No Time To Mourn’ scenario routes.
  • Gas Mask (Hunk)
    • Complete the ‘Forgotten Soldier’ scenario.
  • Ivy
    • Complete the ‘Forgotten Soldier’ scenario – Route 2.
  • Licker
    • Complete ‘A Way Out’ scenario.
  • Tiger
    • Play ‘The Ghost Survivor’ mode three times.
  • Raccoon
    • Complete the ‘No Time To Mourn’ scenario.
  • Cat Ears
    • Complete the ‘No Way Out’ scenario without firing more than 60 bullets.
    • Unlocks Infinite Ammo.