Metro Exodus: How To Unlock All Achievements / Trophies | 100% Completion Guide

The wasteland is a nasty place in Metro Exodus, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a whole bunch of fun replaying every chapter to earn those precious achievements / trophies. To help you unlock literally everything in the game, we’re here to provide a 100% completion walkthrough, breaking down what you need to do to complete every challenge. There’s a lot of stuff in this game, and a lot of weird, easy-to-miss achievements / trophies — whether you’re looking for in-depth locations guides or morality system explanations, it’s all available below.

Metro Exodus is the third game in the Metro series, following series protagonist Artyom as he leaves Moscow with the Spartan Order. The world isn’t as dead as it first seemed, and the special forces soldiers find themselves in deadly struggles to survive (and progress) to an unknown promised land. Somewhere, far away, there’s a safe place that’s free of radiation. Getting there is going to be tough. Artyom and the Order will have to fight through insane cultists, meat-hungry cannibals, and murderous slavers to reach their goal. It’s an amazing (and amazingly hardcore) game, and it’s absolutely worth returning to again and again.

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How To Unlock All Achievements / Trophies | 100% Completion Guide


Hidden Achievements / Trophies

  • Martian
    • Patch the gas mask.

To get this achievement / trophy, wait until your gas mask is broken in combat. A small hole will appear in the bottom-left corner. To patch the mask, press [L1 / LB] — the same button you use to wipe your mask.

  • Brakeman
    • Detach all train cars on the MOSCOW level.

When you’re infiltrating the Hanza train in Chapter 1, you’ll be able to detach multiple train cars. Between each car, look for a lever you can pull to release the back cars. Do this twice to get the achievement / trophy.

  • Join Us On Air
    • Find a tune on the radio.

In Chapter 2: Winter, you’ll be able to toy around with the radio before leaving the train sequence. Return to the radio before using the map, and scan for a music station. Just keep scanning, and you’ll find it.

  • Friend of the Crew
    • Find the guitar and teddy bear on the Volga chapter.

After visiting Krest, you’ll return to the Aurora and get some requests from the crew. The little girl will ask for a teddy bear, and one of your crewmates will ask for a guitar. Both will appear on your map.

The guitar is at the top of the radio tower that’s guarded by bandits. The teddy bear is in the far south of the map, on a silo next to a demon mutant.

  • Firebird
    • Kill a demon with fire.

The first time you encounter a demon, it’ll probably be when you grab the teddy bear from the nest in the Volga chapter. You’ll also encounter demons in the Caspian chapter.

To kill a demon with fire, either use a Molotov cocktail immediately after triggering the demon nest on the Volga, or wait until you reach the Caspian and earn the fire capsule upgrade for the Tikhar. Go to a nest, and wait until you get a good shot with a capsule equipped — the fire capsule will quickly burn and kill the demon. They’re weak to fire.

  • Fisherman
    • Kill the catfish.

In the Volga chapter, when you infiltrate the large facility where you’re menaced by the Tzar-fish. Drop a body into the water to lure the catfish under the track where you’ll drop debris when turning it — if the debris falls on the catfish, you’ll kill it and earn this achievement / trophy.

  • Last Breath
    • After running out of filters in a hazard zone, craft a new one while suffocating.

Enter a red zone (check your radiation meter) and wait for your filters to run out. The timer will need to say “00:00” on the clock. If you have a lot of filters, you can dismantle them at any workbench. Once you’re completely out of filters and suffocating, open your backpack and build a new filter. Just one will make this achievement / trophy pop.

  • Roller Coaster
    • Use the bucket lift to reach the Oasis in the CASPIAN level.

During the mission to steal the water tanker in the Caspian chapter, you’ll have to fight through an abandoned settlement before reaching the Baron’s facility. At the bottom of the cavern, you’ll see a well with a bucket lift in the center. You’ll also see that the workers are using it to ride up — clear the area and use the lift to ride up yourself.

  • Kaleidoscope
    • Kill 3 enemies using sniper scope, while wearing a Gas mask and Night-Vision goggles.

You’ll find the NVG upgrade at the Tzar-fish building in the Volga chapter, in the optional room at the end. Simply equip a weapon with a sniper scope (or NVG scope), then equip both the NVG and gasmask. Get three kills to pop this achievement / trophy.

  • Decommunization
    • Destroy the biggest statue in front of the Children’s Camp.

On the Taiga chapter, the second area you enter is the Children’s Camp. There’s a large statue of Lenin outside the camp — you can melee it to destroy it if you don’t want to waste an arrow.

  • Forest Child
    • Complete the TAIGA level without attacking anyone or getting noticed.

This one is tricky — you’ll need to sneak through the entire level without raising an alarm, and without knocking anyone out. You have to be completely stealthy. You can still fight and kill mutants, this only applies to human enemies.

For most of the chapter, you can easily avoid conflict. Just take the sneakier approach and wait until darkness at the various safe houses before entering enemy territory. Use cans to distract guards, and put out lights wherever you go.

  • 5’0 Clock
    • Attend the Admiral’s tea party.

Near the end of the Taiga chapter, you’ll encounter the Admiral on the upper levels of the abandoned, mutant-infested factory. Sit down and listen to him — and play the guitar when it’s dropped out of the corpse’s hand. That’ll put the admiral to sleep and unlock this achievement / trophy.

  • Hardcore
    • Complete the game on Ranger Hardcore mode.

This is the most hardcore difficulty in the game, and it is unlocked right from the start. You’ll need to rely completely on stealth to finish this run — dealing with mutants is the hardest part. Shotguns and crafting materials will be very important. Save this run for your second / third playthrough, and you’ll have a much easier time. Many of the puzzles / mutant sections can be completely avoided if you know exactly what to do.

Crafting / Kills Achievements / Trophies 

  • Gunsmith
    • Install a modification of each category onto a single weapon.

Very easy. If you loot every enemy weapon you find, and search optional areas, you’ll find plenty of weapon parts you can slap onto a variety of weapons. Just make sure you add a new mod for the following categories: Stock / Grip, Barrel, Sight, Magazine, and Gadget.

  • Professional
    • Get 1 kill with all 10 ranged weapons.

Very simple. Just get a kill with all the ranged weapons in the game. Doesn’t matter if they’re modified or not. All the rangers weapons are: Ashot, Kalash, Revolver, Tikhar, Bastard, Gatling, Valve, Shambler, Bulldog, and Crossbow.

The next achievements / trophies on the list are simple, straightforward ones — to earn these, you just need to collect lots of craftings / chemicals, and get lots of kills. Play the game more than once, and you’re guaranteed to earn these.

  • Handyman
    • Spend 500 consumable resources on crafting
  • Tidyman
    • Spend 500 chemical resources on cleaning weapons.
  • Stand Back
    • Kill 50 enemies at long distance.
  • Silent Marksman
    • Kill 30 enemies with the Tikhar.
  • Righteous Vengeance
    • Kill 90 cannibals.
  • Carmageddon
    • Get 50 kills with the Bukhanka.
  • Antibiotic
    • Kill 300 mutants.
  • Headhunter
    • Kill 300 human enemies.
  • Saboteur
    • Knock out / kill 50 enemies with melee takedowns.
  • Robin Hood
    • Kill 30 enemies with the Crossbow.

Collectibles (Diaries / Postcards) Achievements / Trophies

The following achievements / trophies are all about collectibles. Instead of putting them all here, you’ll find separate guides linked to each individual chapter or collectible type.

  • Librarian
    • Find all 70 Diary pages.
  • Old World Pictures
    • Find all 21 postcards.

There are many, many collectibles to find in Metro Exodus, and they’re all hard to spot. You might’ve visited all the areas with collectibles and still missed them. Check out the guides below for all the locations you need to unlock these achievements / trophies.


  • Dressed For Success
    • Find all upgrades for Artyom’s Suit

You can find all the Spartan Suit upgrades in two chapters — Volga, and Caspian. Check the guide linked below for a quick rundown of all the locations.

Ending Achievements / Trophies

There is a morality system in Metro Exodus. Depending on your choices, certain chapters can have a good or bad ending. Morality is all about whether you kill people — and sometimes you’ll need to sneak by armed soldiers and avoid killing them to get the best ending.

  • Duke
    • Duke Survives

In the Volga chapter, stay in stealth as you sneak through the bridge. The bridge is the final mission of the chapter, and if you reach the end without raising an alarm, Duke will survive.

  • Damir
    • Damir stays with the crew.

To get the best ending in the Caspian chapter, you’ll need to save the slaves in the prison boat, and in the mine / scrapyard. Free the slaves, and collect the family photo for Guil when you explore the underground bunker. During the final infiltration level, stay in stealth when sneaking through the slave quarters — but you’re free to shoot your way out of the oil rig.

  • Alyosha
    • Alyosha doesn’t get wounded.

Alyosha won’t get wounded if you follow his advice — and the advice of Olga. Don’t hurt the Pioneers when you’re sneaking through the forest tribe camp. Stay stealthy, and avoid all conflict. The only times you’re permitted to use weapons are when you’re fighting the bandits, or when you’re fighting mutants.

  • Your Destination
    • Assume Command of the Order

This is the good ending. As long as you earn at least two of the trophies above, you’ll get this ending.

  • Eternal Voyage
    • Save Anna by paying the ultimate price.

And this is the bad ending. If you perform too many evil actions, like killing surrendering enemies, without doing any good morality actions, you’ll earn this ending.

Unmissable Achievements / Trophies

The following achievements / trophies can’t be missed. You’ll earn them as you progress through the story. Just complete the campaign once and you’ll earn all these achievements / trophies.

  • Exodus
    • Complete the MOSCOW level.
  • Aurora
    • Name the locomotive.
  • Regatta
    • Get into a boat.
  • Railwayman
    • Get into the trolley.
  • Long Distance Passenger
    • Find the passenger train car.
  • Lower The Bridge
    • Complete the VOLGA level.
  • Spoiled Dinner
    • Complete the YAMANTAU level.
  • Driver
    • Drive the Bukhanka.
  • Complete Road Map
    • Find maps in the underground facility.
  • New Order
    • Complete the CASPIAN level.
  • Gor’ko!
    • Attend the wedding.
  • Sword of Damocles
    • Complete the TAIGA level.
  • Master of the Forest
    • Stand your ground against the bear in the first encounter.
  • Putrification
    • Pass the putrid tunnel.

And that’s everything! Check back soon for more updates and in-depth guides.