Overkill’s The Walking Dead Not Cancelling Console Platform Release

You may have recalled Overkill’s The Walking Dead, a video game based within the Robert Kirkman created universe filled with zombies. The game went on to release on the PC platform and it was set to feature a similar playstyle as to what you would find in the Left 4 Dead series. Essentially, a team of players is tasked with completing objectives while gunning away from the undead threat. When the game released, it was met with an unfavorable response as players complained over some of the technical aspects of the title along with how dated the game looked.

This ultimately leads to poor sales and even caused Starbreeze Publishing, the publisher behind the PC platform release, to restructure. With the restructure due to poor sales of the title, the CEO was quickly fired and he definitely left a few choice words regarding Overkill Software’s lack of commitment. When the game sales did poorly there was a hold on the platform release which was being published under 505 Games and as most had likely suspected, it wasn’t long before there was the announcement of the title’s cancellation.

The problem here is that after reports went out of the game being cancelled and companies starting to offer a refund towards gamers who pre-ordered a copy, 505 Games publically made a statement. In the statement, they alerted to gamers that the title is not being cancelled. Instead, they are simply postponing the game and further news will be announced soon. We’re wondering how well the console version does in comparison to the PC release, but only time will tell.

[Source: 505 Games]