Resident Evil 2 Remake: Experience The Full 1-Shot Demo [VIDEO}

You can play the Resident Evil 2 remake demo right now — for a very limited amount of time. This quick sneak-peak at the early hours of the game only gives you 30 minutes to reach the end. Once you start the demo, the timer begins. You can’t replay the demo, so to capture this 1-shot experience, we recorded ourselves playing through this spooky section of Resident Evil 2.

The demo takes you through several undead encounters as you explore the Raccoon City Police Department, after it’s been ravaged by a deadly biological outbreak. Zombies are back, and they’re tougher than ever. The best tool to deal with these shambling horrors is the shotgun, which can remove their heads in one shot. You’ll also have access to the pistol, and a knife for melee combat. The game plays like a mix of the original Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 6, and Resident Evil 7 — throw all those games into a blender, and you’ve got the RE2Remake.

The game is presented in stunningly gross detail with the RE Engine, returning from RE7. You control Leon in this demo, but you’ll also be able to select Claire and play through her campaign. The game is played in third-person, as you shoot (or stab) your way through corridors of enemies, collecting items and solving puzzled. There’s more focus on special cinematic events, and the Police Station has actually been expanded greatly. This isn’t a standard remake, it’s being rebuilt from the ground up. Even the story has been changed slightly, fleshing out events and characters to give the entire game a more cinematic, slick feel.

And it’s still pretty horrifying. This is Resident Evil, so if you’re used to their action-packed / horror hybrids, there’s nothing too frightening about this game so far. It’s like a thrilling haunted house ride, and I can’t wait to play more. The full game is scheduled to release on January 25th, 2019. Here’s hoping this is another scary success for Capcom.

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