WW2 Zombies: Frozen Dawn – How To Get The Raven’s Claw | Secret Wonder Weapon

In addition to the four main Wonder Weapons you need to complete the Easter egg quest in ‘The Frozen Dawn’, there’s another optional Wonder Weapon you can get. This is one of the most useful — because it isn’t melee! This is a gun, and once it’s been upgraded you can summon swarms of crows to descend on your enemies. Here’s how to get it in this final DLC map for Call of Duty: WW2.

This little secret weapon is all about ravens. Raven, a once-famous FPS developer, now almost exclusively works on Call of Duty maps. Really, all of ‘The Frozen Dawn’ is an elaborate Raven developer in-joke. All the trials are “Raven”-related, and getting this weapon? You need to activate a raven, then shoot hidden ravens all over the place. It’s all ravens, all the time.

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How To Get The Raven’s Claw | Secret Wonder Weapon

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon as we add more information as it is discovered.]


To begin your quest for the Raven’s Claw, unlock the path to the Overlook and reach the Blood Pool there. Find the raven (standing statue-like) in the exterior rock formation, facing the volcano. Hold [Square / X / Interact] to activate the raven. It will fly away.

Next, you need to shoot ravens all around the map. Listen for their distinctive “caw” sound — they’ll be somewhere nearby. Four ravens will spawn in random locations. There are 20+ locations that the ravens might spawn — and you must shoot the raven with a pistol. Only a pistol will work.

  • After shooting a raven, a charged Thulian will spawn. Kill it, and a Gold Raven will appear in the Blood Altar. Shoot four randomly spawning ravens, kill four charged Thulians, and get four Gold Raven statues to appear in the Blood Altar to make the Raven’s Claw appear.

Here are the spots we’ve found.

  • Raven Locations:
    • Crash Site: On top of the Thulian Transport chamber.
    • Crash Site: On the back-fin of the crashed airplane.
    • Crash Site: High above the entrance to Thule, on the stone cliff.
    • Crash Site: On the metal girder above the wire pick-up.
    • Crash Site: On the stone pillar in the center.
    • Ice Cave: To the right as you first enter the Ice Cave, in the small antechamber between the Crash Site and the Ice Cave.
    • Ice Cave: On the cliff behind the wonder weapon slots, on the right side.
    • Orrery: Above and to the left of the door to the Gearworks.
    • Orrery: In an alcove high above the two doors you can access with the Broken Flair.
    • Orrery: On the ground, right in the middle in the hall to the Overlook.
    • Blood Altar: On the scaffolding to the right, when going up the stairs from the lower section of the Blood Altar to the upper.
    • Blood Altar: There are two possible spots on the scaffolding where ravens can spawn.
    • Blood Altar: On the strange statue that pours blood, on the right side.
    • Blood Altar: On the middle blood pool statue head.
    • Blood Altar: On the raised rocks to the right of the Mystery Box.
    • Phylactery: In the hallway that connects to the Overlook, find the Schildblitz machine. The raven appears on the opposite rock.
    • Phylactery: In the “window” to the right of the Phylactery / Overlook Thulian Chamber.
    • Phylactery: Further right of the previous, in the window behind the lightning-reload perk machine.
    • Phylactery: On the giant blood cauldron, opposite the bone altar.
    • Phylactery: Above the door to the Morgue. Visible from the bone altar.
    • Phylactery: On a stone block crossing the ruined section of the wall, near where a gear will spawn.
    • Overlook: On the stone pillars above the Armor machine in the center.
    • Overlook: On the stone ledge near the secret alcove with the third pressure pad, only accessible with the Broken Flail, found behind the Overlook blood pool.
    • Overlook: On the rocks to the left of the bloody altar with the battery slot.

The Raven’s Claw is a ranged weapon that can be upgraded in the Pack-a-Punch like any other gun. Upgrading the Raven’s Claw turns it into the Raven’s Eye, and adds a special effect that summons ravens to attack zombies if you score a headshot.

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