WW2 Zombies: Frozen Dawn – How To Get The Upgraded Flail | Wonder Weapon Guide

To get the Thulian Flail, you’ll need to solve one of the main mysteries of “The Frozen Dawn” — how do you get that big weird machine in the Orrery to work. If you’ve given the last DLC Zombies map for Call of Duty: WW2 a spin, you’ve probably noticed three very interesting locations. The Orrery, the Thulian Archive, and the Gearworks are all strange spots that don’t have any obvious use.

Well, all three locations are required to acquire the Thulian Flail. Really it’s called the “Broken Flail” and for good reason — it’s completely busted. It’s really just a handle, but you can throw the ball and teleport at will, giving you access to areas you couldn’t reach previously, including a small room above the Orrery itself.

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How To Get The Upgraded Flail | Wonder Weapon Guide

To get the Broken Flail, you’ll first need to collect all the books and gear parts. We’ll start with the books, which are used in the Thulian Archive to unlock the Cypher room. This is required for another step, but we’ll get to that.


Step #1: Unlocking the Cypher Room

The Cypher Room is a hidden chamber in the Thulian Archive. To unlock it, you need to find two books and place them on a pillar in the center of the chamber — you’ll see the stone pillar already has one book. You need to place two more to complete the collection and open the Cypher Room.

Books will spawn in random locations. Search the following spots to get at least two books.

  • Book #1: Overlook – Stand on the blood bridge and face the Ice Caves. On the right, there’s a very well-hidden book to the right, behind the octagon-shaped stones.
  • Book #2: Passage – On the floor of the passage, near the fast-travel chamber. Just move along the walls and hold interaction. You’ll grab it.
  • Book #3 (Random): Morgue – Find the cliff that drops down to the Phylactery door. It might appear here.

Go and place the two books in the Thulian Archive, and the Cypher Room will unlock. This room has four planets in random positions — you’ll need to revisit this room later.

This is the Cypher Room, there’s always a gear hidden here.

Step #2: Activating The Orrery

Next, we need to reactivate the Orrery by repairing the Gearworks. There are three large gears you need to collect, then stick into the Gearworks beneath the Orrery. These are random, but usually appear in the following locations.

  • Gear #1: Passage – In a small alcove, right next to the Gearworks door.
  • Gear #2: Blood Altar – Along the outer edge, near the Blood Altar itself / Mystery Box.
  • Gear #3: Thulian Archive – Inside the Cypher Room itself. There’s always one inside.
  • Gear #4: Overlook – To the left of the stairs to the Phylactery.

Place the Gears in the Gearworks, then go upstairs and kill zombies to charge the Orrery. Just keep getting kills, it doesn’t take too many. The Orrery will begin to spin when it is reactivated.

Interact with the orbs to stop the matching orb’s rotation. Match the Cypher Room diagram to solve the puzzle.

Step #3: Solving The Orrery Cypher

Now, we need to solve the Orrery puzzle to get the Broken Flail melee weapon. To start — there are three orbs on the Orrery (Red, Yellow, Purple, and Green) that you need to stop and match the pattern found in the Cypher Room. It isn’t clear how the pattern should align with the Cypher.

To solve the puzzle, interact with the orbs around the Orrery. Interact with the orb to make it stop. Once stopped, you can’t interact again until the Orrery resets. If you incorrectly stop the orbs, the Orrery will reset and you’ll have to try again.

  • Start with the Red Orb. It’s the fastest — stop it at each quadrant (there are 8 possible places it can stop in a cycle) — and listen. You’ll hear a louder, stronger sound effect compared to the standard sound effect when an orb stops. This louder sound effect indicates you’ve correctly stopped one orb.

How To Find North [UP]: Look at the Orrery and look at the large broken outer ring of the machine. On the left (from the Thulian Archives) you’ll see a large broken piece of rounded metal. That section is NORTH.

When the red orb is properly placed, simply check the Cypher Room and see how the other orbs are aligned. Match the alignment with the red orb — you’ll know the other orbs are right if you hear the stronger sound effect.

Lock all four orbs into the correct alignment, and the Broken Flail will appear.

Step #4: Complete The Three Constellations

Now that you have the Broken Flail, you can use it to travel to new locations. One is above the Orrery — look just above the Gearworks door. Throw the Moon Orb, then tap [R1] again to teleport into the room. There are three Moonraven Symbols in this chamber.

Kill zombies while standing directly on one of these symbols, and they’ll absorb blood. Eventually, the circle symbol will be filled, and a rune will appear. Hold [L2] to use special vision, and you’ll see the stars. Use the flail to connect these stars, and a message will appear, stating that you’ve “Beheld the First Message” — return to the Moonraven Symbols in the Orrery you can only reach with the Broken Flail, kill zombies, and repeat the constellation process.

  • Constellation Appear Randomly, Check These Locations:
    • Crash Site
    • Blood Altar
    • Overlook
    • Behind Shildblitz

Do this three times to charge all three Moonraven Symbols. If you complete all three, a message stating that you’ve “Witnessed the Cosmos” will let you know you can complete the final step.

Step #5: Solve the Moonraven Trial

To get the upgraded Flail, called the ‘Talon of Lu’roth” you’ll need to throw the Moon Orb into the Orrery itself. Throw it in and teleport to enter the trial grounds.

Like other trials, it’s fairly simple. Use the Upgraded Flail to teleport over the walls of flail. If you survive, you’ll get to keep the Upgraded Flail — it’s also a required component for the main Easter egg.

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