WW2 Zombies: Frozen Dawn – How To Get The Upgraded Scythe | ‘Deathraven’s Chosen’ Guide

Begin the Easter Egg hunt with one of the easier Wonder Weapons to fully upgrade in ‘The Frozen Dawn’, the final Nazi Zombies map for Call of Duty: WW2. The Scythe is a melee weapons that cuts a swathe of destruction through zombie hordes, and it’s relatively easy to earn. You only need to complete a single step.

The real challenge is upgrading it into the “Fang of An’heist”, turning a simple scythe into a lightning-spewing, life-saving weapons of absolute destruction. Even if you’re a Zombies casual, this is an easy Wonder Weapon to get with a little practice, even on solo. Check the full guide below for all the steps — it involves a challenge, harvesting spines, finding wire, and facing off against a small horde of Wustlings.

It sounds a whole lot harder than it is.

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How To Get The Upgraded Scythe | ‘Deathraven’s Chosen’ Guide

The Lightning Scythe, or as it’s officially called, the “Fang of An’heist” is a powerful melee Wonder Weapon you can use to save your life – literally. Once you’re down to zero health, the Fang will automatically activate when charged. The upgraded scythe also shoots lightning blasts in a wide area that zaps the ground, and hurts any zombies caught in the blast.


Step #1: Activate The Ancient Forge

Activate the Deathraven Forge in the Phylactery to begin trial. Look near the Morgue door — crouch and interact with the stone block on the altar.

  • Activating the Forge will cause fire to block you into a small section of the Phylactery. Kill zombies in this area until you’re free.

The Scythe will spawn on the altar when you’ve completed the test.

The wire is very difficult to spot. Just keep interacting.

Step #2: Collect The Spine & Wire

Next, we’ll need to get the Thulian Spine. Kill a Thulian (white albino that charges itself on zombies) with the Scythe, holding down [Square / X / Interact] while cutting it down to collect the spine.

Collect the Wire from the Crash Site in the Spawn Room. Find the german double-barreled shotgun wallbuy, and look on the wall opposite. Move slightly left, holding the interact button, and you’ll eventually pick up the wire. It’s really hard to spot in the wreckage.

Hot Scythe coming through.

Step #3: Forge The Scythe

Place the Spine, the Wire, and the Scythe (equip it and then interact) on the bone altar in the Phylactery, up the steps with a view of the giant blood cauldron.

After placing all the parts, kill zombies until the weapon is fully charged. It will begin to glow bright orange. Before you can pick it up again, you’ll need to wait two full turns. Complete two turns, and the Scythe will cool down. Pick it up, then enter a Fast Travel chamber to begin the Deathraven Trial.

They’re daring you to take it.

Step #4: Complete The Deathraven Trial

Go to any Fast Travel chamber and use it after recollecting your forged, incomplete scythe. You’ll teleport to a small arena where Brutes will spawn constantly. You’ll have the upgraded Lightning Scythe — I recommend going into the area with full armor, Shockwave, Quick Revive, or the Jack-In-The-Box. Kill all the Brutes, and the two Thulians will attack. Kill them too and you’ll finish the challenge.

If you’ve done all that, you’ll be able to keep the Lightning Scythe upgrade. Now you can survive downs when the scythe is charged. The scythe is a powerful melee weapon that also shoots short-range lightning that sticks to the ground for a few seconds. It’s great, and getting the upgrade is surprisingly easy.

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