WW2 Zombies: Frozen Dawn – Play A Secret Shooting Gallery Minigame For A Vintage MG42 | Easter Egg Guide

You’ll know the game is working when the skulls’ eyes glow red and blue.

Here’s a weird little Easter egg hidden in ‘The Frozen Dawn’, the final Nazi Zombies map for Call of Duty: WW2. You can play a shooting gallery minigame if you deposit cash to a corpse. It’s really more of a whack-a-mole game, because the skulls you need to shoot pop up out of random vases. If you’re too slow, you’ll lose your chance at an awesome little weapon — the Vintage MG42.

This is just one of many weird Easter egg challenges in Zombies maps. Back in DLC2, on ‘The Shadowed Throne’, you could play a weird little minigame in the Cabaret — drop cash into a mirror, then stop the flashing lights as they spin around. Really, it was a whole lot easier than this challenging minigame, which takes awhile to complete and puts you on a time limit. That’s a bad combo when zombies are chasing you nonstop.

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Play A Secret Shooting Gallery Minigame For A Vintage MG42 | Easter Egg Guide


To play the secret shooting gallery, you need to unlock the Morgue. The minigame is located in the strange corner filled with corpses in vases, in the lower section of the map. Here’s how you can play.

  • Shooting Gallery Minigame Guide – Activating The Game
    • Drop jolts onto the open vase / carcass on the left edge of the alcove filled with sealed corpse-vases in the lower area of the Morgue.
    • After dropping some points successfully, you’ll see cash fly into the air. That means the jolts have been accepted.
    • The eyes on the skulls will glow red and blue — red on the left, and blue on the right.

After activating the minigame, skulls will pop out of the vases. The skulls will have glowing eyes — blue, or red. Only shoot the blue eyes. The red eyes count as an instant round failure.

If you complete the minigame, you’ll earn a powerful Vintage MG42. It isn’t that useful, but it is a strong weapon. It’s really just something cool to show your friends. Here’s how to win it.

  • How To Win The Vintage MG42 – Minigame Rules
    • To win the Vintage MG42, you need to win three rounds. To begin a round, drop jolts onto the skeleton in the vase on the left — if you’ve activated it once, it’s the skeleton on the left with the red eyes.
    • Once the game begins, skulls will pop out with red or blue eyes. Shoot only the blue eyes.
      • For every round you complete successfully, one of the blue eyes on the right will disable.
      • For every mistaken red eye you shoot, one of the red eye skulls on the left will disable.
      • If you hit too many red eyes, the game will reset. The blue eye skulls will also reset.
    • If you can complete three rounds without hitting red eyes, you’ll earn the MG42.

It isn’t an easy task. To make this challenge a little lighter, you can equip the Camouflage ability. Or, you can get the Jack-in-the-Box from the Mystery Box. Better yet, you’ll want to get a few friends to lead the zombies around in circles while you carefully complete the minigame.

It’s a real challenge, but this is a funny little Easter egg that’s worth checking out for a laugh.

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