WW2 Zombies: Frozen Dawn – How To Get The Upgraded Hammer | Wonder Weapon Guide

Tired of weak little shields and teleporting flails? Want a real weapon to crush zombie skulls? The Thulian Hammer is a powerhouse weapon that’s also pretty difficult to nab. Here, I’m going to explain how you can earn the unique hammer Wonder Weapon (and its upgrade) in ‘The Frozen Dawn’, the final Nazi Zombies map for Call of Duty: WW2.

There’s a lot of blood to go around if you want to earn this skull-crushing hammer. You’ll need to find stone slots, which thankfully always spawn in the exact same locations, and stop up a bloody waterfall to read runes — runes which you need to match by killing more zombies. Lightning is also involved. Unbelievably, that’s just the first few steps. There’s even more to do if you want to upgrade this thing.

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How To Get The Upgraded Hammer | Wonder Weapon Guide

Getting the hammer requires finding four stone blocks, slotting them into the overlook, getting the battery, inputting runes, and solving stone pillars. Let’s get started into yet another tricky, weird Easter Egg step.


Step #1: Charge the Battery

To get started on our quest for the Thulian Hammer, grab the battery from Crash Site. The battery is a big chunky device, located under some debris in the center of the Crash Site. Hold interact to pick it up — you’ll move slower when holding it, so clear zombies and unlock the path.

Take the battery to a cauldron in the Overlook. Go onto the bloody bridge and place the battery in the center black cauldron. Then get zombie kills near it until the battery lights up. It’s now fully charged, and we can start hunting down the collectibles for the next part.

The Stone Tablets look like this. Check the gallery above for more locations.

Step #2: Collect the Stone Tablets

There are four stone tablets we need — they are placed in the slots opposite the battery cauldron. Simply drop the tablets into the slots. Collect all four. They always spawn in the same spots around the map.

  • Tablet #1: Ice Caves – Find the three weapon slots with a view of the volcano in the ice-cave. Look just to the left of the right-most slot.
  • Tablet #2Orrery – Right of the Schnellblitz machine.
  • Tablet #3: Morgue – On the stone pillar behind the Armor machine.
  • Tablet #4: Blood Altar – Just across from the Kugelblitz machine.

Get all the tablets, then take them back to the Overlook. Slot the four tablets into the four spaces opposite the battery — look down and you’ll see them. This stops the flow of blood, and makes four runes appear. Stand on the left / right edge so you can see the area beneath the tablets you just placed, looking down into the center hole of the Overlook bridge.

There are runes all over the center of the Overlook. Kill one zombie near each rune, in order, as they’re shown under where you placed the stone tablets.

Step #3: Input The Runes & Align The Pillars

Find the runes under the tablets you placed by looking through the center hole in the Overlook bridge. The glowing runes will appear in order — from left to right. You need to input the runes in the same order shown here. There are four runes.

To input a rune, get a kill near one of the matching runes around the stone circle in the center of the overlook. The small stone circles are runes with symbols — just get one kill near each rune in order. If you input an incorrect rune, just start over.

Get all of them, and the Thulian Hammer will appear. You can’t collect it yet! The Thulian Hammer will fly away, and four pillars will appear.

To solve the four pillars, just shoot the sections until you align the lightning bolt image. Do it to the two pillars that are misaligned. The puzzle is a little tricky.

  • Lightning Pillar Puzzle Tips:
    • When you shoot a section of the lightning pillar, the block you shoot will turn twice clockwise. The adjacent blocks will turn once.
    • Check the left, right, and back sides to see where the lightning symbols are located. It doesn’t matter which direction you shoot the blocks.
    • Kill all the zombies except two slow ones. If you kill all but one, it will sprint after you.

Complete the puzzle, and you’ll need to go find the Thulian Hammer. The Thulian Hammer will spawn in one of three locations — in the Thulian Archives, in the Phylactery, and in the Ice Caves. Don’t run after it — instead, crowd down and crawl toward it. Stand back up, and the hammer will retreat instead of teleporting away. Follow it to the Overlook, and wait for it to charge and you’ll finally be able to collect it.

Step #5: Charge The Runes

Getting the Thulian Hammer is only half the fun. Now we need to upgrade it. To do that, travel up to the Crash Site with the Hammer equipped and locate a purple-glowing rune. Melee this charged rune, and you’ll gain a charge on your hammer. That’s how this step goes — you need to transfer the charge from runes to your hammer, then move the charge to different runes in a sequence.

  • Charge The Runes In This Order:
    • Crash Site
    • Ice Caves
    • Morgue
    • Phylactery

The Phylactery Rune is above the door connecting the Morgue and the Phylactery. To transfer the charge, you may need to kill a zombie beneath the rune with the charged Thulian Hammer. The zombie will become charged, then transfer the charge to the nearby rune.

Now that the last rune is charged, lure a zombie underneath it and it will become charged. Continue to the next round, and the charge will return to the hammer. At this point, you can begin solving the puzzle wall.

Step #6: Complete The Puzzle Wall

The Puzzle Wall is located in the hallway leading to the Blood Altar from the Phylactery. It’s on the right, and it’s pretty easy to spot. If you complete all the steps above, it should become available.

  • To solve the Puzzle Wall, you need to activate sections of the wall so that the entire wall is showing Raven images. It isn’t as easy as it looks. It’s going to take a lot of trial-and-error.

I recommend whittling down the zombies to just one, then killing any Thulians that spawn. You’ll need to complete three puzzles on the wall to finish this step.

Step #7: Survive The Stormraven Trial

When the puzzle wall has been solved three times, you’ll be able to complete the Stormraven Trial. To enter this trial, travel to the Overlook and look towards the volcano in the distance. There’s a long winding path that’s only barely visible, revealed by lightning strikes.

Carefully navigate the path, and you’ll enter the Stormraven Trial at the end. Beat the trial, and you’ll earn the upgraded “Fist of Tal’rek” — a very powerful weapon that you also need to complete a step of the main Easter egg.

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