WW2 Zombies: Frozen Dawn – How To Get The Upgraded Shield | Wonder Weapon Guide

Very early in my first playthrough of “The Frozen Dawn”, I found all three Blood Pools. They’re easy to spot, and blasting zombies near them fills them up with only a handful of kills. At first glance, it’s a really easy Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies Easter egg quest step to solve — until I found that third Blood Pool. It didn’t work.

So, after a little bit of research, I learned how to solve the Blood Pool puzzle. It’s a little more complicated than I thought, but not too complicated for a solo player to complete alone. The shield isn’t one of the better novice weapons, but it is relatively easy to get. It’s really weak, as expected of a shield. It does provide all the protection you would expect, with a unique shield meter that will continue to block attacks as long as it isn’t empty.

You can get the shield in just a handful of steps. Keep scrolling to learn all about it.

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How To Get The Upgraded Thulian Shield | Wonder Weapon Guide


The Thulian Shield is a unique melee weapon that guards against enemy attacks from the front. All attacks are blocked as long as your energy meter lasts. You can also melee attack, but you’re vulnerable to damage while attacking.

Step #1: Getting The Thulian Shield

To get the Thulian Shield, you need to fill all three Blood Pools.

  • The Blood Pools are located in three locations, and you need to kill zombies near the pool until a message pops up, telling you that the pool has been filled. The Blood Pools are located in the following rooms:
    • Ice Caves
    • Morgue
    • Overlook

The Overlook Blood Pool doesn’t work. To repair it, collect the BloodRaven Stone. It’s located in the Morgue — go downstairs to the area with the corpses in strange vases.

  • The disc is on the right side of the alcove filled with vase-bodies.

Go to the Blood Altar, accessible through the Phylactery, and approach the blood pool. A Wustling (Brute) will spawn out of the blood with a shield on its back.

  • Defeat the Wustling and it will drop the Bloodthirst Shield. Just pick it up and you’re good to go!

The Shield isn’t very useful alone, but it helps if you’ve got friends to protect. To really get some use out of this thing, you’ll want to upgrade it.

Step #2: Charging The Blood Pools

Take note of the order you activated the Blood Pools. You’ll need to reactivate them using Albino Thulian monsters. Equip the shield, and you’ll see steam rising up from a Blood Pool. Lead a fully-charged Albino Thulian to the Blood Pool with steam, and kill it so that it explodes.

  • A Thulian becomes fully charged when it absorbs zombies. Wait for it to charge itself. It will glow with green electricity. Killing the monster causes it to explode.

You need to do this to all three Blood Pools.

Step #3: Matching The Blood Pool Symbols

Next, you need to collect a Radio. Find a door in the Crash Site spawn and listen for the low sound of radio noise. Lure a Bomber zombie to the door and let it explode — the door will be blown off, and you’ll be able to collect a radio.

Take the radio to the Phylactery and place it on the ledge overlooking the giant blood pool. Using the radio, you’ll see symbols appear in the giant cauldron. These symbols match the symbols that appear in the charged Blood Pools after detonating a charged Thulian inside.

Match the symbols in the Phylactery cauldron with one of the Blood Pool symbols. Kill a zombie at the Blood Pool (not the cauldron, set the cauldron to a Blood Pool symbol, then travel to the Blood Pool itself to get the kill) — if you correctly matched the cauldron with the Blood Pool, the cauldron will reset.

Do this for all three Blood Pools.

Step #4: Enter the Trial

If you successfully use the radio and complete all the symbols, the trial will become available. Go down (get defeated) in the Blood Pool, and you’ll teleport into the Upgraded Thulian Shield trial. Complete the trial, and the Upgraded Shield is permanently your’s.

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