WW2 Zombies: Frozen Dawn – How To Enter Thule | First Step Guide

Because this is Call of Duty: Nazi Zombies, nothing is easy. You’ll have to fight to complete every step Frozen Dawn, the new map included in DLC 4. At the start of the map, our familiar quartet of heroes are stuck on an icy tundra, with no apparent path to reach the underground tombs where the mystical sword they seek is located.

Well, there is a way inside. It’s not too tricky either — but, if you’re new to Zombies maps, this might be a secret you just haven’t figured out yet. It follows a standard Easter Egg step. This time, it’s absolutely required to make any progress at all. Keep scrolling for the quick explanation that’ll help you leave the spawn room.

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How To Enter Thule | First Step Guide


To leave the spawn area and enter Thule, the main section of the map, you’ll need to absorb some zombie souls. For a very, very long time, undead “souls” have powered random machines with mystical energy in Call of Duty: Zombies maps. Usually, it isn’t required just to reach new areas.

  • How To Unlock The Door To Thule | Spawn Exit:
    1. From the spawn point, go into a seemingly dead-end corner on the left.
    2. There’s a strange stone circle with emblems cut into it — stand on it. You’ll hear it sink into the ground.
    3. Shoot zombies while standing on the circle. If you’re standing on the circle, zombies will explode when killed, and you’ll see red electricity pour into the circle.
    4. You only need to kill 5-6 zombies, and the door will open. You’ll complete the “Enter Thule” objective.
    5. Down the ramp, you’ll need to spend 750 points to enter the main hub.

And that’s it! Really, really simple. You’ll earn “The Final Descent” for unlocking the path into the Lost City of Thule.

There are actually two of these floor-switches — one is located in the Crash Site (Spawn Room), and another is on the upper levels of the Blood Altar. The Crash Site switch can even be charged past the Thule unlock — keep feeding the switch zombie souls, and it will begin to glow red. The same effect happens on the Blood Altar switch.

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