WW2 Zombies: The Tortured Path – How To Unlock A New Mode | Darkened Path Guide

Look, the Tortured Path is really difficult. I’ve said that way too much for a Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies map — really, it should be a given. But, The Tortured Path is a new type of map, with new challenges, and there’s no denying it is especially unforgiving. Fail one objective round, and your whole team is toast.

Well, for the true masochists out there that just a good challenge, there’s actually a more difficult version of The Tortured Path available to play. It’s called ‘The Darkened Path’, and it’s way, way harder than the normal version. You won’t get new objectives or anything, but everything else is remixed to make your life shorter.

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How To Unlock A New Mode | Darkened Path Guide

To unlock ‘The Darkened Path’, you have to be a dedicated online Tortured Path player. In The Tortured Path, you’ll gain Bureau Rank for completing chapters or just surviving for a long time. The longer you survive, the higher your damage modifier, making maps easier but also more unpredictable.

To actually unlock ‘The Darkened Path’, you’ll need to hit max Bureau rank.

  • The Darkened Path Mode: Reach max Bureau Rank.

After that, return to any The Tortured Path map. In the first round, you’ll find a glowing red skull. Interact with the skull to initiate ‘The Darkened Path’. Here’s what’s new in this version of all three chapters.

  • What ‘The Darkened Path’ Actually Does:
    • Increased all-around difficult.
    • Increased Special Zombies spawn rate.
    • Higher boss zombie health.
    • Even more Spider Zombies spawn in Meistermeuchler objective rounds.

If you think you can handle these maps when they’re even more difficult, than this mode might be made for you. Give it a try, while I’m still struggling to down the Guardian boss in Chapter 3.


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