WW2 Zombies: The Tortured Path – Secret Recordings Locations | Audio Logs Guide

It’s a tradition to hide hidden audio recordings in Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies, and The Tortured Path includes three more logs you can find — one in each chapter.

These logs reveal more history on the evil project that lead to the undead sweeping across Europe. They’re worth tracking down, especially if you’re one of those types that likes to find everything. It helps they’re a whole lot easier to find than the Easter egg stuff.

Below, I’ll explain where to find each recording. They’re in pretty obscure locations, and sometimes there are two steps to grabbing them. Once you collect a recording, you can exit the game and check out the story from the lobby. You’ll find any unlocked audio or backstory in the side-menus.

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Secret Recordings Locations | Audio Logs Guide

There are three audio recordings to collect in The Tortured Path. Here’s where to find them, and how to collect them.

  • Chapter 1 Location: Look up at the ceiling in the house with the gramophone. Shoot the recording down (it’s a weird little box) and you’ll be able to collect it from the gramophone.
  • Chapter 2 Location: Right in the Spawn room, look up at the hanging zombies. One of these hanging zombies is holding the recording in its hand. Shoot the recording to make it drop, and you can collect it. It might help to increase the brightness / gamma to see better.
  • Chapter 3 Location: Another recording hidden in a place too high for you to reach. Find the scaffolding outside the main ritual chamber and shoot the recording down to get it.

Recordings will unlock logs in the optional menus, in the lobby. Sometimes you’ll unlock multiple entries for a single recording, and sometimes you’ll unlock just one. The recordings always spawn in the same place, so they’re one of the few things that aren’t randomized in Call of Duty: Zombies.


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