Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon Walkthrough | Part 10: Aether President Lusamine

Fight your way through Aether Paradise and challenge President Lusamine to a challenging battle as we march into another heavily story-focused section of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. The narrative changes slightly here, and only goes further off the rails later on. This isn’t the end of the Aether Foundation, even if you will get one more big battle versus Team Skull’s Guzma.

There are lots of answers to uncover in Aether Paradise. You’ll learn all about Lillie, Gladion, and Lusamine’s plans for the Pokémon world. They’re a lot more specific in Ultra, and the Ultra Recon Squad will temporarily interrupt the drama to remind you why they’re still around — Necrozma, the Ultra Beast that steals the light, is being hunted by multiple heroes and villains. After this, you’ll finally finish up the third island. Last is Poni Island, and that’s where things get really weird.

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Table of Contents:

Walkthrough | Part 10: Aether President Lusamine

After defeating Plumeria at Aether House, Gladion will arrive and learn that Lillie and Cosmog have been kidnapped. He — apparently — knows where to find them. Meet him at the Ula’ula Ferry in Malie City to continue the adventure.

When you talk to Gladion on the pier, Kahuna Nanu will appear and challenge you to a Pokémon battle. This is kind of a shock! Surprisingly, this is the Grand Trial, and defeating Nanu here will technically complete your trials on the third island.

Nanu’s Grand Trial

Yup, this is the Grand Trial. Nanu wanders over while you’re talking to Gladion and challenges you to a fight. Before going to Gladion, stop at the PokeCenter in Malie City and prepare to deal with Nanu’s Dark-Type Pokémon team.

  • Battle: Island Kahuna Nanu
    • Team: Lvl. 43 Sableye, Lvl. 43 Krokorok, Lvl. 43 Persian

Considering all the fights you’ve experience so far, this should be a breeze. Bring Grass Type Pokémon to deal with Krokorok. Bug, Fairy, or Fighting Types can bring down Sableye or Persian quickly. Be prepared — when Persian enters the fight, it will use a Z-Power move. Swap out to an expendable Pokémon when it first appears. Save your own Z-Power for Persian to finish it off.

For winning, you’ll earn the Darkinium-Z crystal. Next up, Gladion takes Hau and your trainer to Aether Paradise — that’s where Lillie is being held. Team Skull and the Aether Foundation were working together all along!

Aether Paradise

To find Lillie, you’ll need to reach the central elevator. Aether Paradise is very different this time — Aether Foundation Employees will attack, just like grunts. They’re patrolling the harbor and pack Lvl. 40+ Pokémon.

  • NOTE: You can return to Malie City at any time from Aether Paradise. Talk to the NPC near the Team Skull ship to return to Malie City.

Fight through the patrolling employees to reach the central elevator. Going up, you’ll run into another opponent. It’s Faba! He doesn’t put up much of a fight, though. He only has one Pokémon in his team!

  • Battle: Aether Branch Chief Faba
    • Team: Lvl. 43 Hypno

Use your Z-Crystal to totally smash Faba and move on. With Faba defeated, he’ll unlock the elevator and let your team reach the lower levels of Aether Paradise. Gladion takes Lab A, so you’ll have to explore Lab B. A group of masked scientists are waiting — Lvl. 41 Muk, Lvl. 41 Magneton, and Lvl. 41 Porygon.

  • NOTE: After defeating Faba, return to the floor where you encountered him. In the foreground, there’s an NPC on the left that will fully heal your Pokémon.

Each Aether Employee fight is against an individual Pokémon, so you can (and should!) use Z-Power moves in every fight. After winning all three fights, the scientists will reveal that they’re trying to open up an Ultra Wormhole with Cosmog. Hau is in the lab in the back. Go there and you’ll fight a pair of employees with Hau.

Hau can win this fight all by himself. Search the computer then leave to tell Gladion the news — Cosmog is an Ultra Beast that can open an Ultra Wormhole! Back to 1F using the central elevator, and you’ll encounter another pair of employees with Hau. Once again, Hau will help — and he’s pretty good, too!

Follow Gladion and Hau to encounter Faba a second time. Fight the employees with Gladion’s help, then you’ll have to defeat Faba with another employee. Again, Hau will help you out.

  • Battle: Aether Branch Chief Faba and Employee
    • Faba’s Team: Lvl. Lvl. 44 Claydol, Lvl. 44 Bruxish, Lvl. 44 Hypno
    • Employee’s Team: Lvl. 42 Ledian, Lvl. 42 Pupitar

The fight shouldn’t be too tough with Hau at your back, but the trek through Aether Paradise isn’t even close to finish. With the 1F door open, the path to the main mansion is open, and Guzma is waiting for you. To reach Guzma, you’ll have to fight through a small army of Team Skull Grunts. Don’t forget you can heal with the NPC on 1F!

  • Battle: Team Skull Boss Guzma
    • Team: Lvl. 45 Golisopod, Lvl. 45 Pinsir, Lvl. 45 Masquerain, Lvl. 45 Vikavolt

This is the final battle against Guzma, and naturally it’s going to be the most difficult fight. The battle is only fractionally tougher than the last time in Po Town. If you could beat Guzma before, you should have no problem beating him now.

If you’re familiar with the original game, this is where things change. Going into Lusamine’s mansion, you’ll run into the Ultra Recon Squad. You’ll have to fight them — but there’s only one! This is a breeze compared to Guzma. Continue into the next room after winning the fight, you’ll deal with those two later. Ahead, you’ll run into Lusamine and Lillie.

Follow the President down through the teleporter to find her private collection of frozen Pokémon. She’s insane — and she wants to take control of Necrozma! She opens an Ultra Wormhole, and challenges you to a battle.

  • Battle: Aether President Lusamine
    • Team: Lvl. 47 Clefable, Lvl. 47 Lopunny, Lvl. 47 Milotic, Lvl. 47 Bewear, Lvl. 47 Lilligant

Defeat Lusamine, and she escapes through the Ultra Wormhole, leaving you high and dry. Nebbie changes form, and only the Ultra Recon Squad know what to do next. To open another portal, you’ll need to visit Poni Island, the fourth and final island of Alola.



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