Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus – All Starcard Locations | Collectibles Guide

Bathe in the warm glow of celebrity with the starcards — a new type of collectible in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. There are a ton of starcards, and each one shows a quick portfolio photo. What’s the point of starcards? Well, you can earn the “Meet the Cast” achievement / trophy for your troubles. That’s only if you can manage to find all 75 starcards. That’s a whole lot.

Starcards are usually located in lockers, shelves, and cabinets. They’re pretty common, and easier to locate than gold icons, but finding them all is a complete chore. There are multiple starcards on every map, and they can only be found in levels that you can return to with the war map. It’s better to wait until the post-game before hunting down these locations.

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All Starcard Locations | Collectibles Guide

Starcards are small white cards with a large black star. Finding them will show you a “celebrity” headshot. 


Eva’s Hammer

  • Starcard #1: Found on the table near the red leather chair in Bombate’s room, opposite the pig sty.
  • Starcard #2: Near the chess board in the small sitting area in the central passage of the sub.
  • Starcard #3: Under the stairs in Set’s Lab, near the hallway door, there’s an open box with a starcard inside.
  • Starcard #4: In Horton’s Room, accessible from the hallway that connects the mess hall to the Kreisau Club.
  • Starcard #5: To the right of the weapon upgrade kit, next to the exit vent in the Contraptions Obstacle Course tutorial area.
  • Starcard #6: In the Kill House obstacle course, look to the right for a small dark alcove before reaching the stairs leading down. There’s a starcard to pick up here.
  • Starcard #7: Climb the ladder behind the War Map in the Bridge. Up top, turn right to spot this starcard on the floor in the red passageway.
  • Starcard #8: On the glowing-green terminal desk to the left of the entrance to the hacker’s room in the bridge.
  • Starcard #9: Enter Hacker Central to find a starcard on a small table. It’s hard to see, but if you enter from the bridge, go to the back-left corner and an icon will appear.
  • Starcard #10: Still in Hacker Central, find this card on the cart in the corner with the propane tanks.
  • Starcard #11: Go to the bottom level locker room and look in the open locker opposite the (former) entrance to Section F.
  • Starcard #12: Found in an open locker, in the back-right corner of the hangar.

Manhattan – Harbor

  • Starcard #13: Across from the first building interior, underneath the collapsed raised concrete road, there’s a car with a missing door. The card is in the car’s bed.
  • Starcard #14: In the same tall building, go to the stairs on the third floor. Up on the fourth floor, directly ahead from the stairs, drop down and turn right. There’s a table with the second starcard.
  • Starcard #15: Go down the stairs into the police station basement to find this starcard under the bed in the first open cell.

Manhattan – Subway

  • Starcard #16: Enter the tunnels with the patrolling guards from the terminal. At the far end, there’s a bright light with the starcard on the ground. This is straight ahead and down the path — don’t turn left and leave through the subway tunnel.
  • Starcard #17: Reach Wall Street Station, then go through the underground room with the beds and dead bodies, crossing the tunnel to reach another interior room on the right. Through here, stick to the right wall to find a starcard near a bed.

Manhattan – Ruins

  • Starcard #18: In the area where you start / the giant robot appears on the main story mission, go to the stairs in the center of the ruined skyscraper’s bottom floor. At the top of the ruined step, you’ll find the starcard under some debris nearby.
  • Starcard #19:  Enter the left-most interior opposite the skyscraper’s ruined bottom floor. From the entrance, look in the left corner behind an overturned table.
  • Starcard #20: In the alley with the constrictor harness crawlspace across the street corner of the skyscraper, to the left if you’re leaving the area on a side-mission, look behind the blue dumpster.
  • Starcard #21: Enter and crawl through the building right next to the previous starcard. You’ll eventually go up a ramp, with the starcard to the left before crawling into the ruined bedroom.
  • Starcard #22: From the subway terminal at the end of the Ruins side-mission map, take the stairs up to find a large Nazi device. To the left, there’s a starcard on the ground.

Manhattan – Penthouse

  • Starcard #23: Outside the first floor faraday cage, to the right of the Nazi commander’s sitting spot when playing the side-mission map.
  • Starcard #24: Drop down the elevator shaft to the right of the kitchen area. From there, enter the room to the right and look behind the communicators equipment. There’s a shelf with the starcard.

Manhattan – Nuclear Bunker

  • Starcard #25: On a desk near the center steps outside the half-circle control room you’ll need to breach in the main mission, or that you’ll exit during the early part of the sub-mission map.
  • Starcard #26: Get through the room with the walls that flip open / closed. After leaving, you’ll find a yellow forklift. The card is on this forklift.
  • Starcard #27: Enter the last chamber where the Ubercommander  is waiting with his patrolling guards. After getting through the opening / closing walls, look to the left. The starcard is on a cart.

Roswell – Downtown

  • Starcard #28: In a small crate near two blue dumpsters in the alley behind the gas station.
  • Starcard #29: On the cashier counter inside the gas station building.
  • Starcard #30: Inside the “Neumond” building, directly left on the coffee table as you enter the lobby.
  • Starcard #31: Still in the Neumond building, look to the left of the mixing board in the recording studio.
  • Starcard #32: Across the street from the diner, there’s a closed “Restaurant” with a starcard on the crates, in the right corner of the street.
  • Starcard #33: Right next to the cash register in the diner.
  • Starcard #34: Still in the diner, look on the shelves in the back-right corner, left of the door leading down into the basement.

Roswell – Underground

  • Starcard #35: Enter the terminal, and go to the small control room office on the right. The card is on the computer bank.
  • Starcard #36: Go to the upper level of the train car between the two terminals and enter the second room. The starcard is on a unfolded chair mounted to the wall.
  • Starcard #37: Leaving the train car and entering the terminal with the ubercommander, stick to the right wall until you reach the steps. Climb the steps onto the landing and you’ll find a starcard near the tools on the ground.
  • Starcard #38: From the previous card, continue up into the large control room. The card is on the terminals to the left.
  • Starcard #39: Starting on the track, go to the large stairwell to the left. Walk on the path underneath the stairs to find an unfolded chair attached to the wall, near some vending machines. There’s a starcard on that chair.
  • Starcard #40+#41: Go up to the pair of offices where the ubercommander is stationed. Enter the left office and you’ll find two starcards inside.

Mesquite – Farmhouse

  • Starcard #42: In the dark room to the left as you enter the barn.
  • Starcard #43: Enter the main house. The starcard is located in the dining room, through the first door on the right.
  • Starcard #44: Inside an open drawer in the kitchen, connected to the dining room on the first floor of the farmhouse proper.
  • Starcard #45: To the right, as you enter the larger room of the farmhouse basement.
  • Starcard #46: On the floor in the first bedroom, found on the second floor of the farmhouse.
  • Starcard #47: In the exact same room as the previous starcard. This one is in the right corner as you enter.

New Orleans – Wall

  • Starcard #48: From the starting area, go into the left corner building across the deep water filled with crocodiles. There’s a store you can enter with the starcard near the windows to the left.
  • Starcard #49: Go up to the top / third floor and enter the third door on your right. The card is on a desk.

New Orleans – Ghetto

  • Starcard #50: Go to the homeless area past the first interior building in the sub-mission map. Stick to the right and look for a small dead-end alley you can enter with a plywood makeshift work table. The star card is on that table.
  • Starcard #51: Enter the first level of the double decker bus in the train roundhouse. The card is right next to the driver’s seat.
  • Starcard #52: Continue into the maintenance bay and bust through the weak concrete wall under the stairs (or use the steps and go back around) to reach a large, very dark first floor room. The starcard is on the shelves in the black right wall.
  • Starcard #53: Swim across the water that, previously, you used the sunken bus to exit. Continue down the street until you find another bus blocking the road. Enter the building interior to the right of the bus. Continue on and out to the street. Straight ahead and to the right there’s a brick building. The starcard is in the first floor, on a table.
  • Starcard #54: Enter the bar near the double decker trolley at the end of the sub-mission. In the back-right corner, you’ll find the last starcard for this district.

New Orleans – Bienville Street

  • Starcard #55: Right at the start of the sub-mission map, drop down a level and enter the door straight ahead. The card is on the floor by the mattress.
  • Starcard #56: This one is tricky. Enter the factory floor from the sewers and go up two ramps. At the top of the second ramp, you’ll see a charging station ahead. To the right of the station, there are wooden palletes you can climb and scramble over a missing railing to reach a catwalk. Turn right and climb the ladder, run across the catwalk to another ladder going down. On the ceiling, there’s another hole you can drop down. Land on the wooden scaffolding and grab the starcard before dropping again or you’ll have to backtrack.
  • Starcard #57: Leave the factory and return to the main streets — they’re lit up with spotlights. Turn right at the first Nazi APC and enter the building that APC is facing. There’s a card on a shelf to the left.
  • Starcard #58: Continue to follow the path toward the ubercommander down the main street. Look left, there’s an open store past the Drugstore with a spotlight. Go inside and you’ll find a starcard on the shelf behind the spotlight.
  • Starcard #59: Moving down the street, turn left at the donut shop, then stick to the right wall. There’s an alley to the right. Just as you turn, look in a burnt car. There’s a starcard inside.

New Orleans – Lakeview

  • Starcard #60: Right where you start, go to the right corner of the building, past the stairs leading up.
  • Starcard #61: Continue on the main road toward the commanders. Turn left at the intersection to find a Nazi barricade wall. In the left corner, there’s a starcard next to blue trash bins.
  • Starcard #62: After swimming through the sewer water, you’ll exit from a collapsed, rocky crater. Climb into the alley and look near the blue dumpsters to get another starcard.
  • Starcard #63: In the same area, continue on the road toward the ubercommander. On the left of the main road, there’s a starcard near another pile of trash, just past a vehicle.

Venus – Habitat

  • Starcard #64: From the sub-mission start, follow the curved hallway to the pair of adjacent laboratories. Enter the right-hand lab and find the starcard on the circular computer bank on the lower area, around the center.
  • Starcard #65: Exit the labs and enter the pair of small office / monitoring rooms across the hallway. Enter the right door and you’ll find this starcard on a metal cart.
  • Starcard #66: In the main office area, look under the front of the Lincoln-esque statue of Hitler. There’s a desk with this starcard.
  • Starcard #67: On the computer terminal bank opposite “Raum 2” in the living quarters area.
  • Starcard #68: Found in “Raum 3” of the living quarters area.

Venus – Oberkommando

  • Starcard #69: In the circular control room, find this starcard on a computer terminal when facing the interior locked room where BJ collects the ODIN codes in the main story.
  • Starcard #70: Ride the lift down and collect this starcard on the luggage cart with the big explosive red ball.
  • Starcard #71: In the same hallway, take the stairs down and look for a bench near the sealed door beneath the big “21” — the starcard is on the bench.

Venus – Transporthalle

  • Starcard #72: Early-ish in the level, after dropping down the pipes and walking down the ramps, turn right and enter the “Eintreten” airlock to reach an interior with spacesuits. In the back-left corner, there’s a cart with a starcard.
  • Starcard #73: Drop down the long ladder shaft, and then turn right instead of entering the ubercommander garage. Go all the way into the next garage with windows, and turn right. In the corner, there’s a small office area with this starcard.

Manhattan – Riverside

  • Starcard #75: The final starcard is hidden near the exit to the dark bunker. After climbing out to the ubercommander’s location, check the ruined car to find the last card.

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