Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus – How To Get All 3 Contraptions & Unlockable Perks

Late in Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, BJ will be able to unlock new “Contraptions” — special gadgets that add new capabilities to his combat arsenal.

All three provide unique ways you can interact with the environment. The Battle Walkers are stilts that give BJ more vertical reach. The Ram Shackles turn you into a deadly weapon when you sprint, blowing away thin walls and enemies when you gain enough momentum. The sneakiest of the contraptions is the Constrictor Harness, allowing BJ to enter inhumanly small spaces for easier stealth infiltration.

All the contraptions also include special unlockable perks. The perks become available immediately after you unlock the contraptions, so you won’t have to enter a combat mission without the accompanying perk. None of the contraptions are missable either — all of them can be unlocked as early as the “Lost At Sea” mission.

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How To Get All 3 Contraptions & Unlockable Perks

The first contraption will unlock after you complete the “Courthouse” mission, and becomes available when you return to the Eva’s Hammer. You’ll get to choose the first one, but the other two can be unlocked at a later point in the game.

All three contraptions can be collected after completing the main game, so they are not missable. You can also unlock the perks for each contraption after you gain the contraption itself. Here’s how it works.


  • How To Get All 3 Contraptions
    • After you return to the Eva’s Hammer after the “Courthouse” mission, you’ll get to choose one of three contraptions — the Ram Shackles, Battle Walker, and Constrictor Harness.
      • To get the perk, search the Eva’s Hammer and talk to NPCs. They’ll offer an additional sub-quest to unlock the perk.
    • On the mission “Lost At Sea”, talk to NPCs around the Eva’s Hammer. Two NPCs will appear that will give you locations for the two Contraptions you did not select.
      • To get the Contraptions, you’ll need to use the Enigma Machine in the Bridge and unlock locations on the battle map. Check your missions for more info on each location.

That’s the basics. Here’s exactly what each perk upgrade will do.

  • Battle Walker
    • Perk Upgrade: Stamina – Overcharge health remains until you sustain damage.
  • Ram Shackles 
    • Perk Upgrade: Regenerating Armor – Armor, like health, will slightly regenerate.
  • Constrictor Harness
    • Perk Upgrade: Iron Lung – Able to hold breath longer will constricted.

To find the contraptions while on side-missions, check your map. An objective marker will show you where to locate each contraption. You can re-visit locations you’ve already completed from the battle map.