Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus – How To Beat The Last Boss | Zerstörer Guide


At the very end of Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, you’ll face off against two experimental super-weapons — the Zerstörer, armed with Ubergewehr weaponry.

The Ubergewehr is the most powerful weapon in the game, and each of these towered robots is armed with two. This fight can seem completely overwhelming on your first attempt. These titans can absolutely destroy BJ in seconds on all by the easiest possible difficulty.

Victory is possible. If you’re struggling against the Zerstörer and don’t want to lower the difficulty, we’ve got a few tips that might make the impossible completely possible. All it takes is the right weapons, and a little preparation.

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How To Beat The Last Boss | Zerstörer Guide

The Zerstörer protects the upper-deck of the Ausmerzer. As if one wasn’t bad enough, you’ll have to deal with two at the same time. Each boss robot is armed with a pair of Ubergewehrs. An endless stream of soldiers will spawn into the area, so you’ll need to stay on your toes.


  • Preparations:
    • Before even starting the Ausmerzer mission, you’ll want to unlock as many of the Contraptions and Contraption Upgrades as you can.
      • Talk to NPCs in the Eva’s Hammer to unlock Contraption side-missions, allowing BJ to visit different locations you’ve already completed and collect Contraptions.
      • Each Contraption includes various perks — after grab a new Contraption, talk to NPCs around the Eva’s Hammer to find side-missions that unlock short, simple quests to get the perk.
    • Recharge the Lasercraftwerk and collect the Ubergewehr before riding the lift up to the final boss arena. Grab all the health, armor and ammo you can.
    • If you have any upgrade kits left, use them to completely upgrade the Lasercraftwerk — especially the charge function and the increased battery capacity. Both upgrades are invaluable.

It’s important to understand the large arena first. The arena consists of four corner bunkers — each bunker has extra ammo, health, and a recharge station. You’ll also find heavy mounted weapons on the bunker roofs. I don’t recommend using these weapons when the final bosses appear.

NOTE: After defeating the first four super soldiers, the final bosses will appear. Save your game if you’ve got plenty of health! If you die, you’ll restart from the very beginning. of the fight

On the edges of the arena, you’ll also find tunnels beneath the main area. The final boss robots can’t reach or shoot you down in these sections. You’ll want to retreat here if you’re critically low on health, armor or ammo. Look down each hallway for more.

NOTE: Do not use heavy weapons against the massive final boss robots. You’re too slow, and it’s essentially a death trap.

  • Combat Tips & Tricks
    • Before the final bosses appear, you’ll have to fight lots of regular troops and super soldiers. Use the mounted heavy weapons and take cover in the bunkers or the underworks.
      • Bring the Ubergewehr and use it only on the first group of enemies. It’s the most powerful weapon, but it’s also slow and unwieldy. Charging it from a safe location can be tricky.
    • Use up all your grenade pistol ammo. Use the grenade instead of the rocket for maximum damage. You can continue to sprint while using the grenade pistol, making it very effective.
    • Try to engage the final boss bots at long-range. Their Ubergewehr shots are relatively slow-moving. The further away you are, the more time you’ll have to sprint to cover.
      • Use grenades with the electromagnetic upgrade. The explosion will temporarily stun any robot, including the final bosses.
    • When you’re close, always stay sprinting! Their slow shots will have a hard time hitting you. For hit-and-run tactics, you can sprint literally straight toward them and keep going on by without taking damage.
      • Combining the Lasercraftwerk with the grenade pistol is an especially strong combo. Charge the Lasercraftwerk and aim for the arms.
    • The arms of each Zerstörer can be destroyed. You can aim for the arms, but standing in one place too long is a death sentence. Sprint from one piece of cover to the next, and try to keep a high health / armor count before daring to engage.
    • When the Zerstörer spot you, sprint into the tunnels and toward the opposite bunker to recharge.
    • If you’re using the Ubergewehr, don’t keep it in your hands. Swap to a dual Assault Rifle / SMG combo to quickly wipe-out human-sized threats before they can damage you.
      • DO NOT USE MELEE TAKEDOWNS. The animations are too long, and you’re bound to get shot a whole lot before you actually kill your enemy.
    • Aim to destroy the robots one at a time. It’s easy to lose track, but if you can destroy one of these monsters and deal with just one alone, that makes the remainder of the battle much easier.

There is no simple trick to these enormous robots. You’ll just have to hit them hard, and keep hitting them hard. Sprint in circles, stay on your toes, and try to unlock the Ram Shackles — you can sprint and splatter an enemy while barely slowing down. Very, very useful for getting through annoying infinitely respawning reinforcements.

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