Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus – All 10 Records Locations | Collectibles Guide

In the screwy, alternate-history world of Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, some pretty famous music has been “Nazi-ified” — with some strange and hilarious results. Many of the tracks from the first game return, but there are a few new ones to collect while sparking the second American Revolution. There are 10 hit records found all over the country, and grabbing them all will earn you the “Audiophile” achievement / trophy.

Every time you find a record it will appear next to the jukebox in Club Kreisau, the lounge located in the Eva’s Hammer, a stolen Nazi U-boat that’s been converted into the resistance headquarters. Despite BJ’s victory in the previous game, the Third Reich still dictate what music can be produced in their world, and all of it is German. Check out all 10 locations, which you can return to even after completing the main story, in the descriptions below.

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All 10 Records Locations | Collectibles Guide

Records can be often be found while completing main missions, but you can always return to areas you’ve been after unlocking ubercommander assassination side-missions.

Use the Enigma Machine (unlocked after the Mesquite, Texas mission) and complete the short puzzle sequences to unlock each area. For finding all the records, you’ll get the “Audiophile” achievement / trophy.


Manhattan Record Locations

  • Record #1: Harbor – Enter the ruined Police Station and take the first stairs to your right. You’ll enter a large room with a missing floor — walk along the edge to the back-right corner to find a single metal desk with the record on top.
  • Record #2: Ruins – When you start the Ruins assassination mission, you’ll begin where the main story mission ended — near the elevator shaft. From there, drop down into the flooded ground floor and enter the small interior across the street where the giant mech robot first spawned. Along the back wall, there’s a counter. The record is on a shelf under the counter top.
  • Record #3: Penthouse – In the main penthouse, go down to the main seating area in the corner by the windows. This is the same seating area where BJ talked to Grace Walker. Grab the record off the coffee table.
  • Record #4: Subway – Get inside the half-circle shaped command center. Any of the three contraptions will help. Return to the small office behind the command center where BJ stole Horton’s dossier file. To the left of the empty dossier case, you’ll find this audio record.

Roswell Record Locations

  • Record #5: Downtown – Enter the “Neumond” office opposite the gas station. In the back room, you’ll find a Die Kafer drumset with the record right next to it.
  • Record #6: Underground – Go to the ubercommander’s location at the end of the side-mission. Enter the small office on the right and find the record on a shelf beneath the computer banks in the corner.

New Orleans Record Locations

  • Record #7: Wall – Before entering the wall proper, you’ll start on the water’s edge. Enter the first interior ruin to your right. The record is behind the counter, beneath (and left) of the hanging picture frame.
  • Record #8: Lakeview – After exiting the pipe tunnel and stepping out onto the street, run directly forward. At the end of the path, there’s a ruined truck with the back door open — take the record from that truck.

Venus Record Locations

  • Record #9: Habitat – In the hotel-like living quarters area, enter “Raum 8” and take the record off the couch.
  • Record #10: Oberkommando – Once you reach a long hallway marked “21”, run to the far end and take the stairs up to the second floor. In the third office to the right through the unlocked door, you’ll find the record on the shelf next to the bust of Adolf Hitler.

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