Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus – All 15 Max Toys Locations | Collectibles Guide

Max Haas, one of friendly rebels living in the Eva’s Hammer submarine in Wolfenstein: The New Colossus is in a sad state. After the events of the previous game, he’s without a father figure to take care of him. As a favor, later in the game, one of the residents will ask BJ to find toys for Max. There are 15 toy collectibles, and grabbing them all will earn you the “Toy Collector” achievement / trophy.

Unlike the last game, which also featured a short toy collection quest — in The New Colossus, you’ll need to find toys while hunting the Uberkommanders. To unlock Uberkommander assassination missions, you’ll need to first complete the Mesquite, Texas mission — when you’re back on the Eva’s Hammer, use the new Enigma Machine in the main control room. You’ll spend Enigma Codes, collected off commanders you’ve assassinated, to unlock locations for short side-missions. All the toys are located on these side-missions.

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All 15 Max Toys Locations | Collectibles Guide

There are 15 Max Haas toys in The New Colossus. All of them are found on assassination side-missions, which you can unlock with the Enigma mission after completing the Mesquite, Texas mission. 

Talk to the Professor in the central passage in the Eva’s Hammer to start the Max’s Toys side-mission. You can continue to collect toys even after completing the main story.


Manhattan Toy Locations:

  • Toy #1: Bunker – At the very end of the mission, look to the passage with the now-blocked vent (covered with cardboard) near the Ubercommander’s position. Crawl or jump behind the cart to find this very tough-to-find toy.
  • Toy #2: Harbor – From the Police Station exit, go to the abandoned building where the Ubercommander is located. The building in the back-left of the ruins is pretty simple, mostly consisting of a stairwell. Go up to the second floor and look behind the fallen table near the window, in the right corner.
  • Toy #3: Subway – This one is in a subway car in the far northeast corner of the map. Go up the terminal with the caged area, through the left-car and through a small room with beds and corpses. Go through the tunnels and into the subway car — it’s to the left of the door.
  • Toy #4: Ruins – In the area with the robot enemy, enter the train tunnel in the crater. The toy is in the back-left corner of the train car.
  • Toy #5: Penthouse – Drop down into the area beneath the main penthouse. The toy is located on a shelf on the desk where the Ubercommando is located on the assassination side-mission.

Roswell Toy Locations:

  • Toy #6: Downtown – Look at the “Klasse” storefront opposite the gas station. There’s a toy behind the metal shutters, to the left of the “Liesel” poster.
  • Toy #7: Underground – Entering the train area near the start, you’ll have to hunt two commanders. The toy is located in the control station to the left — opposite the control room where one of the commanders is stationed.

Mesquite Toy Locations:

  • Toy #8: Farmhouse – On the street outside the entrance sign to the farm, go right and find a trailer with a Jimmy Carver show poster. The toy is on the table.

New Orleans Toy Locations:

  • Toy #9: Ghetto – From the flooded street outside the giant wall around the ghetto, go down the street and stick to the right side. At the corner shop on the right (at the intersection with the double-decker bus) enter and take the toy bus from the counter near the window.
  • Toy #10: Wall – Go to the top level of the wall using the west stairs, and then down the hallway to the office area on the western edge of the map. The toy is on a wall-mounted shelf behind the desk.
  • Toy #11: Bienville Street – Before reaching the large tunnels with the ride-able robot dog, you’ll move through a sewer passage with several collectibles. Look in the alcove to the right near the end — this one is pretty easy to spot.
  • Toy #12: Lakeview – From the start, go straight down the street to the Nazi-flag wall. Go down the dead-end to the left. There’s another wall blocking the street — the toy is behind a blue container.

Venus Toy Locations:

  • Toy #13: Habitat – Backtrack to the hotel-like area. Go down the stairs and find “Raum 3” — there’s a toy on the shelf next to the bunk.
  • Toy #14: Transporthalle – Reach Halle B in the rocky, underground tunnels. From the Halle B entrance, go across the vehicle garage and look inside the control room. You can use the vent under the catwalk (and the stilts contraption) to reach the control room. The toy is on the computer terminals.
  • Toy #15: Oberkommando – Outside the round Oberkommando control room, enter the hallway. There’s a cart along the wall with a crate on it. Look behind the crate on the small cart to find a rocket ship toy.

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