Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus – How To Unlock The Secret Final Mission | Post-Game Guide

Even after finishing the main story, there’s more you can do in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. There are tons of side-missions to unlock with Enigma Codes, assassinations, hunts for contraptions you’re missing, and even a few small requests from your fellow rebels. It takes a long while to complete all these extra tasks, but there is a strange reward at the end of the road — a totally new mission, with a unique location you won’t find anywhere else.

The rest of the side-missions are return trips to areas BJ has already explored in the main game. The only new area is unlocked after completing all the current assassination jobs on the Kill Board. When all the names are crossed off the list, one final mission will appear when you access the war map. Located on “Riverside”, just beneath the Manhattan map, you’ll have to delve into a creepy bunker to defeat the final target on Grace Walker’s list of names.

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How To Unlock The Secret Final Mission | Post-Game Guide

To unlock the last mission “Riverside” on the war room map, you’ll have to complete every single ubercommander assassination mission and collect all the Death Cards — all except the last one.

After collecting 15 Death Cards, “Riverside” will appear. Complete the Enigma Machine puzzle, it costs 8 Enigma Code collectibles, to unlock the level. You’ll even find a few missing collectibles here. Check out the gallery below for a pretty good look at this oddball extended level.


The level is unique for a few reasons. It’s set in a nondescript and massive gray bunker complex. You’ll access it from the Manhattan subway system. The  bunker itself doesn’t feature any additional commanders and very few Nazi soldiers. Instead, the halls are patrolled by drone robots.

The bunker is also completely dark. You’ll only have your flashlight to illuminate the area, making this one of the creepier levels, especially when it isn’t clear what direction you’re supposed to go. When in doubt, keep going down. There’s a huge army of drones and robo-dogs the further you go, finally culminating in a massive empty room that’s full of soldiers behind a pair of mounted guns.

There is no other map like this in the game. It uses familiar pieces, but creates a totally new level — it almost feels like an incomplete stage. There’s almost no decoration to the environment, and the lighting is nonexistant. Robots patrol, and you’ll find a dead body or two as you explore, but it’s incredibly bare bones. This level feels like cut content, reinstated into the game to give players a sort-of-reward.

At the end of the stage, BJ climbs up a ladder to encounter the final ubercommander. He’s guarded by one of the final boss giant robots — only one this time — but he can still tear you to shreds. The final arena area has a good view of the Statue of Liberty ruins, making this area pretty unique.

Maybe this level was meant to be part of the Manhattan stage, or a prototype for a different level that never got completed? We have no idea, but it’s a bonus level you can unlock. That makes it worth talking about.