Scrapped Resident Evil TV Series Uncovered

Resident Evil has no shortage of fans as the franchise has evolved over the years and been adapted to a number of entertainment mediums. Starting out and still going strong, the video game franchise continues to draw gamers into the horror gameplay, though the franchise has also seen its share of releases in comic book format, novels along with cinematic movies.

However, oddly enough, after sparking off into the various different mediums, we have yet to see a television series release. Turns out, we were close to receiving one just a couple years ago. A report made by Gamerant has alerted readers that Mance Media along with writer and director Shawn Lebert, a Resident Evil TV series was in development with a planned release being at some point within 2015.

The series was known as Arklay during production and it apparently was going to be set prior to the events of Resident Evil, the first video game title to release. Within the series, viewers would be watching Detective James Reinhardt who was sent to uncover some strange murder mysteries that was caused by a virus.

More importantly, the detective would learn that he was infected by the virus and it becomes a mad search trying to track down who was responsible for the virus and if there’s a cure. Eventually, the series would have likely turned into the Resident Evil video game adaptation with the narrative leading to the Raccoon City outbreak.

Unfortunately or fortunately, however you view this news, the project was scrapped. However, with so much hype around the latest release of the video game series, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to see another attempt at making a Resident Evil TV adaptation, perhaps something to go against the beloved AMC drama series, The Walking Dead.

For now, there are no plans for any such TV series being released. We’ll simply have to wait and see if something sparks Capcom’s interest now that news has been released of the scrapped project.