Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus – All Concept Art Locations | Collectibles Guide

Get a glimpse into the design process that went into creating the complicated warzones of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus with these numerous concept art locations.

For each page you collect, you’ll get an actual piece of concept art — usually related to the location you found it. There are tons of these concept art pages, and while they don’t provide any real in-game benefits, they’re one of the most interesting collectibles available.

Who doesn’t want to see how New Orleans, Manhattan, and all the other locations looked in early artwork? Here’s where to find them all and become a true art collector.

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All Concept Art Locations | Collectibles Guide

Concept Art pages are found in small red envelopes, and reveal actual concept art from the creation of Wolfenstein 2: The New Order. To collect them, enter the following areas using the War Map. Unlock side-mission maps with the enigma machine.


Eva’s Hammer

  • Concept #1: Tricky to find. Stand at the top of the stairs leading down to the bottom-level locker room entrance to Section F. From here, jump to the pipes above the door or onto the machinery to the right — there’s a small catwalk in an alcove with with hidden artwork.
  • Concept #2: On a green toolbox in the middle of Set’s lab.
  • Concept #3: To the right of the armory storage room, there’s an area with torpedoes on a life system. Look behind the torpedoes to find some art.
  • Concept #4: In the lower level shooting range, look behind the 21 marker.
  • Concept #5: Go up the stairs in Set’s lab to find the concept art on the floor at the top of the steps.
  • Concept #6: On a bed in the hallway adjacent to the medical bay. Enter the side-hall and you’ll find the concept near the door, on a gurney.
  • Concept #7: Behind the bar counter in the Kreisau Club.
  • Concept #8: On a shelf, to the left of the record storage shelves and jukebox in the Kreisau Club.
  • Concept #9: Look in the small opening facing the television in the Kreisau Club sitting area.
  • Concept #10: In Horton’s Room, in the back-left corner. Find Horton’s room in the hallway connecting the Kreisau Club with the mess hall.
  • Concept #11: Re-access the Contraption Obstacle Course (there are several ways, including crawling through the pipe to the left of the Kill House entrance) and look near the girders on the right.
  • Concept #12: From the War Map in the bridge, drop down into the lower area to the back-right. There’s a concept art page in the vent.
  • Concept #13: In the hangar, found on a wooden pallette near the vent entrance you’ll need to use to find Fergus’ arm late in the story.

Manhattan – Harbor

  • Concept #14: In the first interior building you reach guarded by patrolling commanders, reach the large open area on the first floor. When you enter from the hallway, turn right to find a small dark alcove with this concept art.
  • Concept #15: Go up to the second floor from the “front” entrance, the entrance facing the ruined road, and you’ll enter a room with a chair in the center. Go to the back-right corner of the room and look behind the cupboard.
  • Concept #16: In the Police Station, go to the back-left room on the second floor. There’s a records room with this concept on one of the filing cabinets.
  • Concept #17: Go up to the second floor of the Police Station and get to the office area above the initial entrance. The concept is on another cabinet near the window.

Manhattan – Subway

  • Concept #18: To the left of the small tunnel, underneath the stairs that lead up to the ubercommander’s location at the end of the subway district side-mission.

Manhattan – Ruins

  • Concept #19: Behind the desk, near the elevator shaft that leads to the penthouse. Right next to the starting position when playing the Ruins ubercommander side-mission.
  • Concept #20: Across the street from the skyscraper at the start of the side-mission map, look in an alley between the two interiors. There’s an open window with this concept art there.
  • Concept #21: In the tall building opposite the skyscraper, crawl through the ruined lower floors until you reach the stairs. Keep going up to the third floor. Here, look under a couch to your left near the windows.

Manhattan – Penthouse

  • Concept #22: In the center of the starting room after loading the Penthouse side-mission from the War Room.

Manhattan – Nuclear Bunker

  • Concept #23: Reach the tall room with the spinning gear machinery at the bottom level. From the lowest level, take the ramps up to the first small control room office. The concept art is to the left as you enter.

Roswell – Downtown

  • Concept #24: On a brown box in the corner, to the left of the cashier counter inside the gas station.
  • Concept #25: In the very back room of the “Neumond” building. Go to the maintenance closet and look left, between the wall and the ladder.

Roswell – Underground

  • Concept #26: In the first underground room of the sub-mission, enter the first control office. The concept art is on the computer bank.
  • Concept #27: Reach the first train terminal, then enter the control room on the left. Go to the small room behind the control room with the computer bank and you’ll find the concept art on a computer terminal to the right.
  • Concept #28: Enter the upper level of the train car you’ll need to move through to reach the Ubercommander’s terminal. On the upper level, enter the bunk room on the right to find the concept on a bed.
  • Concept #29: Take the stairs to the right when you enter the large train terminal at the end of the sub-mission map to reach the large control room. Inside, turn right to find the concept art near the door.
  • Concept #30: Go to the area where the ubercommander is stationed. There are two small offices — the concept art is on the desk in the office to the right.

Mesquite – Farmhouse

  • Concept #31: From the start of the farmhouse film set, go to the back-right corner and climb the scaffolding on the outer wall. There’s a small room at the top with a concept art piece.

New Orleans – Wall

  • Concept Art #32: Enter the interior wall of the area. You can use the weak wall, the pipe or the stilts — the stilts lead up to a vent that drops down into a small workshop room. The concept art is on the table inside, next to the ladder.

New Orleans – Ghetto

  • Concept Art #33: Go to the building opposite Horton’s hideout near the start of the sub-mission. There’s an interior doorway in one of the street-facing rooms that’s blocked by a hole that will drop you into the basement. Hop over it to grab this art.
  • Concept Art #34: Enter the large train roundhouse and go to the left side — to the area where you either busted through the weak wall or exploded the propane tank in the basement. Nearby, there’s a raised platform with a desk. The concept art is on that desk.
  • Concept Art #35: Continue into the vehicle maintentance bay. Jump into the bus that doesn’t have an door, the one on the right, and take the steps down to the first floor. The art is next to the driver’s seat.
  • Concept Art #36: Back on the initial street you reached after exiting the wall during the main mission, you’ll want to enter the brick buildings to the right. You’ll enter the street from the opposite side on the sub-mission. Go to the second store on the right, and you’ll find the concept art on a shelf behind the counter.

New Orleans – Bienville Street

  • Concept Art #37: At the start of the mission, drop down and enter the first doorway straight ahead. Turn left and look behind the table with the curved edges. The art is on the floor near the old fireplace.
  • Concept Art #38: This one is tricky. Enter the factory floor from the sewers and go up two ramps. At the top of the second ramp, you’ll see a charging station ahead. To the right of the station, there are wooden palletes you can climb and scramble over a missing railing to reach a catwalk. Turn right and you’ll find the concept art.
  • Concept Art #39: Back on the main street, from the alley, look across to the Nazi outpost base covered with flags. Enter through the front door and go to the room on the right to find this art.

New Orleans – Lakeview

  • Concept Art #40: Go inside the large fenced-in house on the right as you progress down the main street in the sub-mission map. The art is under a fallen table in the back of the first room.
  • Concept Art #41: On the road toward the ubercommander at the end of the sub-mission map, enter the open windows of a building on the left. The concept art is on a shelf in the back corner.

Venus – Habitat

  • Concept Art #42: Right where you spawn in the assassination sub-mission, turn around to find the concept art directly behind you.
  • Concept Art #43: Find the last artwork for this district in “Raum 10”, in the living quarters area.

Venus – Oberkommando

  • Concept Art #44: Directly to the right of the exit door in the Oberkommando control room.
  • Concept Art #45: In the ubercommander hallway, go to the third door on the left, second floor. There’s a concept art paper near the bed.
  • Concept Art #46: Found in the lower level of the ubercommander hallway. Look in the break room / seating area in the back left after taking the stairs down.

Venus – Transporthalle

  • Concept Art #47: After walking across the pipes and dropping down onto a platform, go down the two ramps and turn right. Enter the door labeled “Eintreten” and look beneath the spacesuit cases.
  • Concept Art #48: Drop down the long ladder shaft, and then turn right instead of going toward the ubercommander garage. Enter the garage area with windows, and turn right. There’s an office area — the concept art is on one of the orange terminals.

Manhattan – Riverside 

  • Concept Art #49: Found in the train terminal outside the bunker. At the stair, look on the old computer on the subway platform.
  • Concept Art #50: Another tricky collectible. To find this one, go deep into the bunker until you reach a large open room with a patrolling Super Soldier. Go down the stairs to your left (with a constrictor harness vent near the stairs) and reach the bottom. There should be a weapon rack and a partially open door to the right. Go left, then look right for an open yellow door. Go into the room and look on the floor to find the last concept art.

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