Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus – Weapon Upgrade Kits Locations Guide


The best collectibles in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus help you unlock the hidden potential in your arsenal. Each weapon can be upgraded three times — some make your tools of destruction more powerful, or add secondary abilities like richochet shots, scopes or silencers. The best upgrades give you more options in combat, and you’ll want to get them all.

To do that, you’ll need weapon upgrade kits. There are one or two on each map. Some are easy to find, but others are well-hidden. There are more than enough weapon upgrade kits throughout the game to enhance all your weapons, but only if you manage to find them all. Check out the locations listed below.

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Weapon Upgrade Kits Locations Guide

Weapon upgrade kits are the most useful collectible available in Wolfenstein 2. For each weapon kit you collect, you’ll be able to unlock one upgrade for your weapons. Each weapon has 3 upgrades, and they can be toggled on / off in the weapon tab.


Eva’s Hammer

  • Upgrade Kit #1: Found in the Shooting Range, just to the right of the entrance door.
  • Upgrade Kit #2: Impossible to miss at the end of the Contraptions Obstacle Course. You can return here later if you missed it, or to pick up another kit. It’s right next to the button you press to open the exit vent.
  • Upgrade Kit #3: The last upgrade kit in the Eva’s Hammer is found in the Kill House. Deactivate the trap entrance in the Shooting Range and stick to the right wall. Behind the bunk, don’t miss the kit.

Manhattan – Harbor

  • Upgrade Kit #4: In the first interior building of the harbor district, go up to the second floor and then use the twisted fire escape to reach the third floor. At the top, you’ll find this upgrade kit nearby.

Manhattan – Subway

  • Upgrade Kit #5: Found in the maintenance office in the second terminal, the same one with the switch that moves the train car blocking your path forward during the main story mission.

Manhattan – Ruins

  • Upgrade Kit #6: In the center of the starting / exit area, at the base of the skyscraper, look for the ruined stairs. At the top, look to the right and enter the storage room filled with ammo and other items you’ll need. There’s an upgrade kit here too.

Manhattan – Penthouse

  • Upgrade Kit #7: On the Main Mission, find this upgrade kit up the stairs, in the back-left corner of the second floor.
  • Upgrade Kit #8: The kit is found inside the metal faraday cage on the second floor of the “main” penthouse area. Look on the shelves along the cage walls. This is the room you start in when playing the penthouse side-mission.

Manhattan – Nuclear Bunker

  • Upgrade Kit #9: Found next to the destructable wall / upper walkway you can reach with the Battle Walker contraption. The upgrade kit is outside the half-circle control room, on the right edge.
  • Upgrade Kit #10: Just as you enter the area with the Ubercommander down the long two-story hall at the end of the sub-mission map, enter the hallway that leads to the second floor. There’s a tiny vent you can crawl into with the constrictor contraption. In the secret room, the kit is on the left.

Roswell – Downtown

  • Upgrade Kit #11: On the ubercommander assassination mission, find this kit on the desk in Super Spesh’s secret lair.

Roswell – Underground

  • Upgrade Kit #12: Found in the massive train station you first enter. Get it on the right side of the tracks, near a pile of crates on the first floor.

Mesquite – Farmhouse

  • Upgrade Kit #13: On a shelf in the basement of the main house.

New Orleans – Wall

  • Upgrade Kit #14: Located in a side control room along the central wall concourse, on the topmost level.

New Orleans – Ghetto

  • Upgrade Kit #15: Enter the train roundhouse through the door — you can either smash it, enter from above, or squeeze through the hole. On the other side, turn left to find a garage area with a hanging flag. The upgrade is on the table with the radio equipment.

New Orleans – Bienville Street

  • Upgrade Kit #16: Inside the Nazi-flag base down the street, before reaching the underground tunnels. Get off the mech-dog and look in the back of the right room.

New Orleans – Lakeview

  • Upgrade Kit #17: During the main mission, on the way toward the submarine, enter the large building to the left of the central road. The kit is in the room to the left, hidden in the corner.

Venus – Habitat

  • Upgrade Kit #18: In the living quarters / hotel area, enter “Raum 1” to get this kit.

Venus – Transporthalle

  • Upgrade Kit #19: In the underground rock tunnels, you’ll eventually reach a very tall yellow ladder. Climb to the top, then drop down onto the platform below to find a well-hidden upgrade kit.

Venus – Oberkommando

  • Upgrade Kit #20: Reach the long hallway with the offices on the second floor. Ahead, during the main mission, you’ll reach a larger room with a laser turret at the end. There’s a luggage cart on the right with this upgrade kit.

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