Sony Has Shipped A Total of 67.5 Million PS4 Units

Sony has just revealed their financial report for the end of the quarter which ended on September 30th. Amongst the statistics, the highlight of the entertainment company’s report was that 67.5 million units have been sold worldwide, including the 4.2 million units sent to retailers during the quarter.

Sony has predicted to sell an additional 19 million units of the console by the end of this fiscal year. This means that the company will be hitting the total sales mark of  79 million units by  March 31st,2018.

Considering the holiday season is imminent – alongside upcoming releases such as God of War, The Last of Us Pt. 2 and the remake of Shadow of Collussus, it seems pretty likely that Sony will hit that goal.

Other interesting statistics from the report include an increase in sales by about 35.4 % over the year. This includes sales in both the area of PS4 game sales, digital sales and also hardware sales.

In other Sony news, the entertainment company recently released a credit card which provides gamers with exclusive benefits such as discounts on Sony products as well as a point system to spend on games. Sign up and you’ll receive 50$ credit, right off the bat.

‘Sony has teamed up with Capital One to introduced a new method of payment for the PlayStation store: The Sony Credit card. The idea behind the card is to essentially offer gamers rewards program for buying digital sony products, physical sony equipment and paying cellphone bills

When you use the card you earn points, 100 points is the equivalent to 1$, which you can use to buy more Sony products.’