Sony Reveals New PlayStation Credit Card

Sony has teamed up with Capital One to introduced a new method of payment for the PlayStation store: The Sony Credit card. The idea behind the card is to essentially offer gamers rewards program for buying digital sony products, physical sony equipment and paying cellphone bills

When you use the card you earn points, 100 points is the equivalent to 1$, which you can use to buy more sony products.

There is also a host of exclusive benefits for signing up for the program, first of all, when you sign up you’ll get 50$ Sony credit, you’ll get a discounted PS Plus membership, discounted subscription to services like PS now, and other discounted tickets to selected events.

Unfortunately seems like the credit card is only available to those residing in the US, so if you exist outside the US you may have to wait a bit to participate in the rewards program.

In other Sony news, the entertainment company will be putting an end to Gravity Rush 2’s online service next year.

Gravity Rush 2 released in early 2017, on January 18th to be specific, and Sony recently announced its pulling the plug on the game’s online features during early 2018.

(Via PlayStation Blog)