Danganronpa V3: Hidden Monokuma Locations | Collectibles Guide

Between deadly trials and gruesome murder investigations, you’ll have a little bit of free time in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. As one of the “Ultimate” students summoned to an other-worldly school filled with geniuses trying to outwit each other, you’ll have to navigate a pretty tense atmosphere to survive. While following the story, you’ll also be able to complete an optional little game — finding all the monokuma.

There are 30 monokuma to collect — 5 in each chapter — and we’ve got all the locations listed below. Thanks to a hungry community of absolute fanatics, finding them all turned out to be a breeze. Monokuma is the half-white, half-black bear mascot for the entire series, so you’ll recognize him and his “kubs” while exploring the school grounds in Danganronpa V3. Many are in plain sight, but a few are easy to miss if you don’t know where to look. Check out the text guide below for all the details.

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Hidden Monokuma Locations | Collectibles Guide

There are 5 hidden monokuma in each chapter, for a total of 30 monokuma in the game. Below, you’ll find all 30 locations.

Chapter 1 – Monokuma Locations

  • Monokuma #1: Found in the Game Room in the basement. Look in the corner near the arcade cabinets.
  • Monokuma #2: On a sink in the Girl’s Bathroom, in the Main School Building.
  • Monokuma #3: Found on a table between the Gym and the Dining Hall.
  • Monokuma #4: Outside the Dorm on a table.
  • Monokuma #5: During the trial, found at the Hangman minigame. It’s one of the orbs.

Chapter 2 – Monokuma Locations

  • Monokuma #1: On a shelf in the Storage Shed Warehouse area. Found to the upper left as you enter.
  • Monokuma #2: Smash a bench in the Ultimate Inventor’s Lab to find a hidden monokuma.
  • Monokuma #3: From the side entrance to the Dining Area from the Dormitory, look under the fence in the grass to the left of the footpath.
  • Monokuma #4: Go to the third floor, and look under a table outside Maki’s Lab.
  • Monokuma #5: Hit the monokuma during the first Psyche Taxi sequence.

Chapter 3 – Monokuma Locations

  • Monokuma #1: In the Boiler Room, Gonta will remove the manhole. Found in the center.
  • Monokuma #2: Found on the steps of the Trial Grounds (outside the Hall of Justice).
  • Monokuma #3: In the Ultimate Pianist’s Room on the second floor, by the piano.
  • Monokuma #4: Found in the grass to the right of the Monosutra Hotel.
  • Monokuma #5: Located in a random corner of the first Mind Mine minigame.


Chapter 4 – Monokuma Locations

  • Monokuma #1: In the basement by the stairwell.
  • Monokuma #2: Found in the dormitory by the stairs, on the Boy’s Side.
  • Monokuma #3: On a ledge on the second floor of the Main School Building, looking over the main entranceway.
  • Monokuma #4: Inside the Ultimate Aikido’s room.
  • Monokuma #5: Located in both of the Hangman’s Gambit minigames.

Chapter 5 – Monokuma Locations

  • Monokuma #1: Found in the center of the Ultimate Robot’s Room.
  • Monokuma #2: Outside the Ultimate Detective’s Room on the fifth floor of the Main School Building.
  • Monokuma #3: Fourth Floor of the Main School Building, on the headless statue near the stairs to the fifth floor.
  • Monokuma #4: In the Ultimate Cosplayer’s Room, to the left and on the film set.
  • Monokuma #5: Again, found during the Psyche Taxi minigame.

Chapter 6 – Monokuma Locations

  • Monokuma #1: On the spiral staircase in the sixth floor of the Main School Building.
  • Monokuma #2: Floats around outside behind the Swimming Pool Building.
  • Monokuma #3: Taking the stairs from the fourth floor in the Main School Building, you’ll spot this monokuma on the fifth floor.
  • Monokuma #4: Impossible to miss on the first floor of the Main School Building, near the entrance.
  • Monokuma #5: After the Mastermind Reveal, randomly placed in another Mine Mind minigame.

And that’s all the hidden monokuma. Let us know if you need help, clarification, or have your own corrections in the comments. Until then, happy hunting!