Danganronpa V3: How To Unlock Every Extra Cutscene | Secrets Guide

Unlike the first two Danganronpa adventures, Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony features lots of optional, bonus cutscenes with various characters. These are quick scenes, accompanied by new artwork showing characters interacting in ways you might not see otherwise. Like anything in Danganronpa, it’s easy to miss if you don’t act fast, so check out the quick descriptions below to find every single bonus cutscene in the game.

And there will be LOW SPOILERS in the descriptions. Obviously there are some minor spoilers if you scroll down to Chapter 4 — you’ll see who is still alive — but that’s it. We’re trying to preserve the story, just a little bit!

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony sends the 16 “Ultimate” students into a kill-or-be-killed alternate world, where you’ll have to solve gruesome murders and put your friends on trial. Lie and debate with your fellow students to reach the right conclusions, and do everything you can to survive. Danganronpa is a psycho visual novel, where no one is quite who they seem.

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How To Unlock Every Extra Cutscene | Secrets Guide

In Chapters 1-4, you can access and unlock extra short scenes if you complete specific actions. They’re pretty easy to complete, but they’re also easy to miss! Don’t miss out on all the extra sequences.


Chapter 1:

  • Get the Nail Brush — can be earned from the Monokuma Machine, or…
  • Talk to the Ultimate Cosplayer after the “event” and select “Yes” during your conversation.
  • The extra scene occurs during Free Time.

Chapter 2: Cutscene #1

  • Purchase the Parasol at the School Store at the earliest opportunity.
  • Finish exploring the extra areas of the school, then meet Angie. Talk to the Ultmate Aikido in the Entrance hallway.
  • The extra scene occurs during Free Time. Go meet the Ultimate Aikido for the scene.

Chapter 2: Cutscene #2

  • Get the Commemorative Medals from the Casino Opening.
  • After Free Time, talk to the Ultimate Inventor in the morning.

Chapter 3:

  • Talk to Himiko in the School Courtyard to collect the Gun of Man’s Passion.
  • And… you’ll get a pervy cutscene!

Chapter 4: Cutscenes #1 & #2

  • Get the Dark Belt to train together with Himiko in the Dojo.
  • Get the Pure White Practice Sword to train with Kaito in the Courtyard.

NOTE: For even more special bonus scenes, get the Key of Love from the Casino. You’ll get a special cutscene with random characters every night. Monokuma will wake you up if you have more in your inventory, and ask you if you’d like to use it.