Danganronpa V3: Escape Early With This Easter Egg Ending | Arcade Guide

In Chapter 1, the “Ultimate” students of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony can attempt to complete a ridiculously difficult 2D-platforming arcade game called Death Road of Despair. Yeah, if that name clues you in, the minigame is painfully difficult. Agonizingly, hair-pullingly, anxiety-inducingly difficult. Most players won’t even make it 50% through this nightmarish gauntlet. But, the oddball arcade minigame actually hides a mind-blowing secrets; there’s an alternate ending you can unlock in Chapter 1. Keep scrolling to learn all about this insane Easter egg, and watch a master complete it.

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony continues the series, bringing 16 new students into another round of the Killing Game. Forced by an unseen mastermind, only one student can survive — the only way to escape the Killing Game is to get away with murder. After each murder, there is a Class Trial as the various students debate the true culprit. If the culprit is found, the murderer is executed. If the Class Trial votes wrong, everyone except the true killer dies. It’s like Battle Royale meets Phoenix Wright, and it’s all completely bonkers. That includes this wild ending that leads to a pretty happy conclusion for everyone involved.

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Death Road of Despair | Alternate Ending Guide

At a certain point in Chapter 1, you’ll be able to access the basement. There’s a recreation room here with a particular arcade cabinet — the game is called “Death Road of Despair” and at first blush it seems impossible to complete.

Death Road of Despair is a 2D sidescroller with slippery controls and endless ways to die. In it, you lead the 16 students toward escape. For each death, you lose one student and the next in line will take their place at the front. You’ll need to keep students alive to push through thresholds. The game is purposefully designed to be as annoying and difficult to complete as possible. It isn’t fun, and it isn’t meant to be.

It is possible to complete Death Road of Despair.

  • Completing Death Road of Despair unlocks a special alternate ending as all 16 students escape!
  • You’ll also earn an exclusive Monopad Theme and 100 Monocoins.

Completing the arcade game takes patience and a ton of memorization. You aren’t meant to complete it, and this alternate joke ending isn’t canonical at all. You’re never meant to complete this game, but the developers decided to throw in a fun Easter egg for anyone mad enough to finish it. Just watch the full gameplay in the video below — the Easter egg is at the end.

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