Danganronpa V3: Board Game Tips & Tricks | Character Specific Cards List

When you’re not completing tense Class Trials or investigating gruesome murders, you can spend your downtime on other activities in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony — like playing board games. The board game features characters from previous Danganronpa adventures, and the characters you encounter will reward you with bonus cards you can use to get a leg-up over the competition.

Unlock those annoying Monokuma characters, the heroic (or villainous) humans always give you the exact same board game bonus card, every single time. That means you can plot your strategy and navigate the board easier by landing on characters that provide the cards you need to succeed. Dig into the full list below.

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Board Game Tips & Tricks | Character Specific Cards List

The board game is a strange little diversion you can enjoy between killer Class Trials. While advancing on the board, you’ll earn bonus cards when you land on Danganronpa characters, or earn a random card from the Monokubz.

There are 16 types of cards, and you’ll earn a specific card when you land on a Danganronpa character. Each Danganronpa character, from games 1-3, will always give you a certain card. Aim to land on specific characters to get the cards you want.

Before explaining which characters give which cards, he’s a quick list of all non-obvious in-game cards and what they do.

    • Course Change: Jumps to a square on another course.
    • Double Move: The value of your movement roll / card is doubled.
    • Double Square: The next square value is doubled.
    • Encounter: Move until you encounter another character.
    • Goodbye: Swap locations with another character.
    • High Jump: Jump to a random square.
    • Hope: You won’t lose stats if you land on a Despair square.
    • Straight: Move forward until you hit a corner on the board.
    • Success: Surgery is always successful.

Now, let’s dive into all the characters and which cards they’ll give.


  • Danganronpa 1 Characters & Cards:
    • Asahina: Move 4
    • Byakuya: Success
    • Celeste: Double Square
    • Chihiro: Encounter
    • Genocider Syo: High Jump
    • Hifumi: Move 6
    • Junko: Double Move
    • Kiyotaka: Move 2
    • Kyoko: Move 3
    • Leon: Course Change
    • Makoto: Move 1
    • Mondo: Straight
    • Monokuma: Double Square
    • Mukuro: Double Move
    • Sakura: Double Move
    • Sayaka: Move 5
    • Toko: Move 0
    • Yasuhiro: Goodbye
  • Danganronpa 2 Characters & Cards:
    • Akane: Straight
    • Chiaki: Move 0
    • Fuyuhiko: High Jump
    • Gundham: Encounter
    • Hajime: Move 2
    • Hiyoko: Course Change
    • Ibuki: Move 4
    • Izuru: Success
    • Mahiru: Move 6
    • Mikan: Success
    • Monomi: Double Move
    • Nagito: Hope
    • Nekomaru: Double Move
    • Peko: Straight
    • Sonia: High Jump
    • Souda: Move 1
    • Teruteru: Move 5
    • Togami Imposter: Double Square
    • Usami: Double Square
  • Danganronpa V3 Characters & Cards:
    • Angie: Move 1
    • Gonta: Straight
    • Himiko: Move 0
    • K1-B0: Hope
    • Kaede: Move 3
    • Kaito: High Jump
    • Kirumi: Move 6
    • Korekiyo: Course Change
    • Maki: Move 5
    • Miu: Success
    • Ouma: Double Square
    • Rantaro: Move 2
    • Ryoma: Goodbye
    • Shuichi: Move 3
    • Tenko: Double Move
    • Tsumugi: Move 4