Danganronpa V3: An Easy Way To Earn 10,000 Coins | Casino Royale Guide

As you progress in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, new rooms will unlock in the academy. One of these rooms is the casino. Most casinos are designed to take your cash, but the casino in Danganronpa V3 is different — the MonoMonoSlots machine always has a positive payout. That means, statistically, you’ll always earn more casino coins than you put in.

It isn’t that simple. There are some wrinkles to the formula, and we’ll explain all the details below to make things easier for you. Certain MonoMonoSlot machines actually have better payouts than others, and you’ll want to save up some MonoCoins before dropping your savings into the slot machines. This is by far the easiest way to earn 10,000 Casino Coins and unlock the “Casino Royale With Cheese” trophy.

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Easiest Way To Earn 10,000 Coins | Casino Royale Guide

There are two secret trophies you can earn in the casino, “Casino Royale With Cheese” and “Lucky Number Seven” — you can also earn a whole lot of Casino Coins.

The exchange rate is 1 MonoCoin = 10 Casino Coins. You’ll want at least 10 MonoCoins so you can start with 100 Casino Coins before attempting to earn 10,000 Casino Coins. The best, easiest way to earn 10k Coins is through the MonoMonoSlots.

  • MonoMonoSlots | Best Payout Method
    1. Cash in 10 MonoCoins for 100 Casino Coins.
    2. Always play on the right-most machine — it has the best payout value.
    3. Always put in 7 Coins for every spin.

And that’s it! Thanks to some math by Steam User magnus_orion, we know that the average payout of the right-most MonoMonoSlot machine is 143~. That means, if you play often, the average amount of coins you’ll earn for each spin is 143 coins. That’s a pretty impressive payout! It isn’t the fastest way to earn 10k coins, but it is by far the easiest and most consistent. If you follow the method above, you’ll always leave the casino a winner.