Feast Your Eyes on Charismatic Choose Your Own Adventure ‘My Uncle Merlin’

Flipping pages anxiously, bookmarking the ‘good’ decisions just in case you’re met with an untimely death—anyone familiar with choose your own adventure books knows their unique appeal. Pocket Mana is reviving the magic in My Uncle Merlin, an interactive game that’s all about wizards who embark on an epic journey through the galaxy.

You play as Eddie, a blue-haired apprentice whose moral compass deviates just enough to justify stealing, lying, tax evasion, and infringing copyright. My Uncle Merlin will take you on a trip across the universe from the comfort of a dragon-fuelled tower. There are quests to complete, sparkling goodies to collect, and a whole bunch of delightful characters to meet along the way—140 to be exact.

My Uncle Merlin will be launching a kickstarter campaign in the next couple of weeks, complete with the first chapter as a playable demo. You can stay up to date with the Pocket Mana crew on Twitter.

Source: http://myunclemerlin.com/