Sony Will Pull The Plug on Gravity Rush 2’s Online Functions in Early 2018

Gravity Rush 2 released in early 2017, on January 18th to be specific, and Sony recently announced its pulling the plug on the game’s online features during early 2018.

The announcement came through the Japanese PlayStation Blog so excuse us if there are any translation mistakes because we had to use Google Translate for this one. One of Gameranx staff will have to learn Japanese soon at this rate. All jokes aside, we’ll make sure to update you with the official English announcement once it’s released. Gravity Rush 2, or Gravity Daze 2 as it is called in Japan, won’t have any online functionality after January 19th, 2018, this includes sending and receiving challenges, treasure hunts and more.

Thank you very much for enjoying “GRAVITY DAZE 2” for PlayStation 4 from the beginning.

This time, the “GRAVITY DAZE 2” online service will end on January 19, 2018 (Friday). Since the launch in January 2017, service start, we gratefully have many players a patronage, all the management team, Thank you very much. You can still enjoy offline game play even after the online service is over. Please refer to the following for details about the function which can not be used.

■ “GRAVITY DAZE 2” online service end date and time
January 19, 2018 (Friday) 2 pm (Japan time)

■ Functions that can not be used

  • Receive, send a challenge
  • Ranking browsing
  • Receive, Post Treasure Hint
  • Receive, post, review photo ghost
  • Obtaining a dusty token and obtaining its remuneration

In addition, we will implement “Dusty Token Acquisition Up Event” on the following schedule with a gratitude to everyone who patronized us.

■ Dusty token acquisition up event schedule
September 28, 2017 (Thursday) 2 p.m. (Japan time) ~ January 19, 2018 (Fri) Depending on the event, the amount of “dusty token” that can be obtained by online play will increase Please try photo review, treasure hunt, challenge mission, get a dusty token, get rewards such as costume and talisman that will not be available after the online service is over.

Although it is a little left until the end of the online service, please continue to “GRAVITY DAZE 2” thank you.
“GRAVITY DAZE 2” management team all together

What do you think of Sony’s decision?